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Vastu For Commercial Building & Industrial Plot

Vastu parameters are alike for home and office, while they can differ for factories and industries.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Office

Commercial Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the knowledge of designing and creating an ideal energy-aligned building for a prosperous life. The science and art of Vastu Shastra put down the rules of design, shape, and ideal size for construction to achieve specific goals. The principles of Vastu should be included during the designing and planning phase of offices, industries, factories or any commercial building for utmost efficiency.

Vastu For Plot Shape

The “Shermukhi” and “Gaumukhi” plot shapes hold prominence in Vastu Shastra. Gaumukhi shape is narrow at the entry point and broadens at the back area, while Shermukhi is narrow at the back and broad at the entrance. Shermukhi plot shape is ideal for commercial properties.

Office Direction As Per Vastu

North, North-East or North-West facing directions are best suited for the office. These directions are considered auspicious for office spaces and beneficial for the employees. In order of importance, the North direction is highly favourable as it is the quadrant of Kuber (the Lord of Wealth) attracting financial growth. The second best direction for office is East; it is the direction of energy as the Sun rises in the East and accelerates growth. The east direction is perfect for the service industry. Thirdly, you can go in the North-West direction for the office.

  • The entrance door of an office should face towards North or East direction.
  • The reception area should be in the East or Northeast direction.
  • The staircase should be in the South or South-West but never in the centre.
  • The South-East direction is for the pantry.
  • The washroom should be in the West or North-West direction and never in East facing direction.

Vastu Shastra Colours For Office

Office and business Vastu says to keep the space vibrant and bright. Bright colours represent positivity, whereas dark colours mean negative vibes.

  • Shades of blue, white and grey are a harbinger of cheerfulness.
  • Tones of white, creams, and yellows can be painted on walls in Southeast, East, Northeast and Northwest.
  • The blue colour is for South facing walls.
  • The green colour is for Southeast walls and benefits office work.
  • Red, pink, or corals are not appropriate for the office but if you want you can paint the South walls.

Vastu Sitting in Office

The employee seating arrangement should be planned as per Vastu in the office.

  • Vastu for Owner Seating: The owner must face towards the East or North direction. The south direction is not good. There should be a wall behind the owner's seat and not any picture of God, curtains or wooden wall as per commercial Vastu.
  • Vastu for Manager Seating: Managers, directors, and executives must sit in the Southwest, South or West zone of the office.
  • Vastu for Employee Seating: Employees of the office must work facing the North or East direction.

Industrial Vastu Shastra

The fundamentals of Vastu for industries are the same as that of office Vastu. Apply the Vastu rules to maintain harmony between the five cosmic elements viz Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether.

Factory Vastu Tips

The main factory building should be built in the West or South with vacant space in the East and the North.
Install heavy machines in the South, West, or South-West direction of the factory.
Keep manufactured goods in the North-West part of the factory as per Vastu for manufacturing factory.
Do not store the scrap of the factory for long, rather sold it.
Never keep heavy machinery or heavy goods in the Brahmsthaan of the plot.
Do not install a chimney of the factory in the North-East corner.
No construction should be done in the factory above the Brahmsthaan of the plot.

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