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5 Useful Tips to Cope Up with Mental Health Issues

  • Published 17 Jan 2024
  • Last Updated 24 Jan 2024
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In recent times, mental health awareness has gained momentum. People across the world have acknowledged the importance of mental health in leading a healthy and fulfilled life. Psychological health issues are common among people of all ages and genders. As per the WHO article, depression is one of the leading causes of disability, and suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among youths. Suicidal thoughts are prevalent in every nation and are most commonly influenced by factors like depression and other psychological disorders.

Mental Health from Numerology Lens

As per Dr. J. C. Chaudhry’s 2024 numerology predictions, this year will be psychologically and emotionally weak due to the presence of number 2 in 2024. Number 2 is ruled by the Moon, which is a weak and fluctuating planet. Also, he predicted that the younger generation could suffer from suicidal thoughts.

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Dr. Chaudhry’s remedies for new year 2024 to improve mental health

1) Keep children active and busy to avoid unwanted thoughts
2) Indulge in hobbies and pursuits that ward off stress and bring happiness
3) Practice meditation and spiritual activities for mental calmness and strength.

How to Prevent Negative and Suicidal Thoughts

Promote a Safe Environment: Make your home a safe place. Remove sharp and harmful objects like knives, chemicals, or any hazarduous substance that can be fatal to one’s life. As parents, ensure a positive atmosphere conducive to one’s growth and development. Give importance to quality family time for the healthy emotional and social development of children at home.

Ensure a peaceful and happy atmosphere at home

Acknowledge Negative Feelings and Emotions: Acknowledge your feelings and emotions. Be aware of how you feel and the kind of thoughts you get. Share your emotions and feelings with someone you trust. Talk to your parents or a doctor to release the pressure and help cope with negativity. Keeping the recurring negative thoughts to oneself can turn into suicidal thoughts.

Stay connected to the self and acknowledge your feelings

Promote Healthy Connections: Select your peers and friends carefully. Make social connections with people who cheer and motivate you. Limit your boundaries and maintain distance from people who exhibit toxic behaviour. Build healthy social connections for overall growth and development. Also, parents should keep a check on their children’s screen time and social activities to ensure that they are not being negatively affected.

stay away from toxic people

Seek Medical Help: Many people are afraid of seeking professional help. But if you notice signs of stress, depression, or suicidal thoughts, or if any of your family members are suffering from mental health issues, consult a doctor or psychiatrist because mental illness is treatable. Do not shy away from opening up and seeking professional aid.

 mental health is important

Avoid Substance Abuse: Avoid alcohol or drugs at all costs. Consumption of these substances aggravates stress or suicidal thoughts. Keep a check on your kids as well. If any of your family members are in a habit of alcohol or drug abuse, seek rehabilitation to get rid of it.

avoid alcohol

Mental health is not a standalone. It encompasses emotional and social well-being. It affects your physical health as well. With mental health issues becoming more common than ever, it is crucial to make mental health a priority. In 2024, follow the remedies suggested by Dr. J. C. Chaudhry and the tips for better and improved mental health.

1) What do you understand by suicidal thoughts?
Ans: Suicidal thoughts mean having feelings and emotions of ending one’s life. 

2) Can Suicide be prevented?
Ans: Yes, Suicide is preventable. Taking notice of the suicidal feelings, and depressive thoughts and seeking professional aid can help.

3) Is suicide common among youth?
Ans: Due to the growing stress and cases of mental health issues, suicidal tendencies have become common in the younger generation. As per the numerology prediction 2024 by Dr. J C Chaudhry, this year youth will be vulnerable to mental illnesses and can suffer from suicidal thoughts.

4) How to prevent depressive or suicidal thoughts
Ans: We all experience stress. Some people suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. To keep the brain calm and keep away negative thoughts, indulge in meditation and spiritual activities. Keep a journal to boost self-confidence, take up hobbies for happiness, etc.

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