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  • Published 11 Oct 2023
  • Last Updated 09 Nov 2023
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The future is unpredictable; we are all aware of this truth, yet we all want to know what the future holds for us. The reasons why we wish to know about the future vary from person to person. Some of the possible objectives are:

1.    To prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead
2.    To plan the activities
3.    To make important decisions
4.    To know about the future out of curiosity or anxiety

Numerology can point to patterns and possibilities for painful and joyful experiences in the future , such as a bad period in life where a person can experience money loss, divorce, health issues, etc., or it can foretell positive events. Thus, by offering an insight into the future, numerology forewarns the people, giving them greater control over their life events.

Questions Numerology Can Answer

When we think about the future, a lot of questions come to mind for which we seek answers and solutions. By studying the numbers of a person, a numerologist can provide answers that can solve a person’s queries. Examples of questions and queries for which you can get numerology help are:

Ask Your Question from Numerologist Dr. J C Chaudhry


Question 1: Which years will be good for me in life?

Ans: Through personal year numerology, numerologists can calculate your personal year number and let you know the years that will be fruitful for you from a professional and personal perspective. Numerologists can also tell you about your lucky month and date number.

Question 2: Should I pursue a job or business, and in which sector?

Ans: Numerologists can tell you whether you should opt for a job or business and the best suitable posts and business niches as per your numbers. Destiny Number / Life Path Number can reveal a lot about your career.

Question 3: Can numerology tell me where I can live?

Ans: House number numerology can tell you whether your house number or plot number is lucky for you or not. If the house number is lucky, you can have a harmonious stay, and if not, you and your family members can face problems. Based on this prediction, you can decide where to live.

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Question 4: When will I get married?

Ans: Marriage numerology can predict a favourable date and time for marriage. Numerology can check compatibility between two partners for a happy marriage. Thus, numerology can predict the marriage date and time and the relationship with the future partner.

Question 5: Should I start a business? When should I start? Will it be profitable?

Ans: Business numerology can give answers to the above questions. It can tell you the right time and date to start the business. Business numerology can also tell you about business partner compatibility, a lucky plot address, and other details for a profitable business venture.

Question 6: I want to know about my child’s future?

Ans: Based on the child’s date of birth and name compatibility, numerologists can predict events regarding the child’s future.

Numerology can provide solutions to problems related to business, career, marriage, relationships, new-born, children, personal lives, etc. If you have questions or similar questions, you may ask your question to Dr. J C Chaudhry, a numerologist with 38+ years of experience, and get personalised solutions.



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