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Celebrating International Numerology Day, An Initiative of J C Chaudhry

  • Published 17 Nov 2021
  • Last Updated 19 Nov 2021
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Mr. J C Chaudhry, one of India’s top Numerologists, has proposed the idea of International Numerology Day to be celebrated on 18th November every year, incidentally, it also happens to be the birthday of J C Chaudhry 

International Numerology Day is a global initiative of Mr. J C Chaudhry, -- the Number Man of the Country, to make humankind witness the benefits of Numerology. 

Significance of Celebrating International Numerology Day

Numerology is an ancient science, and numbers have a significant influence on human life. The goal is to make human beings recognize the miraculous power of Numerology in enhancing human life. 

  • Numerology can help predict the future, aids in augmenting business, career, or personal relationships. 
  • Numerology impacts every aspect of a man’s life. 
  • Numerology can help a person make the right decision regarding marriage, job, home, vehicle, or any other life endeavour. 
  • Also, Numerology provides solutions to everyday life problems. 

From now on, we will celebrate International Numerology Day every year on 18th November. Mr J C Chaudhry will also keep on sharing his Numerology Predictions and guidance for day to day life. 

You can visit the official website of International Numerology Day (IND) at


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