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Check Relationship Compatibility with JC Nummerro App

  • Published 03 Feb 2021
  • Last Updated 13 Feb 2024
  • Read Time 2 mins

In our previous blog post, we explained how you can check personal compatibility with JC Nummerro App. Yourself section of the app explains everything about you, which is lucky and favourable for you. 

In this blog post, we will explain how you can check relationship compatibility with JC Nummerro numerology App. 

Relationship Compatibility has three sections:

  1. Compatibility with Your Life Partner
  2. Compatibility with Your Child
  3. Compatibility of your Name with Date of Birth (DOB)

Check Your Relationship Compatibility


Compatibility with Life Partner

Click on Your Life Partner icon under Your Relationships in the JC Nummerro apps for numerology and enter the full name, popular name (the name which he/she is known more), date of birth of your partner, time of birth, select the gender, enter the place of birth and click on Show Result button. The result will show you the

  • Relationship between your’s & his/her Destiny/conductor number “Friendly or Not”
  • Relationship between your’s & his/her Name Number 
  • Overall rating “good or bad”
Relationship Compatibility with Life Partner

Compatibility with Child

Click on Your Child icon under Your Relationships and fill in your child’s full name, popular name, date of birth, time of birth, select the gender and enter the place of birth. Once you click on the Show Result button, you will get:

  • Relationship between your’s & his/her Destiny/conductor number “Friendly or Anti to each other”
  • Relationship between your’s & his/her Name Number 
  • Relationship between your’s & his/her Psychic/driver number “Friendly or Anti to each other”
  • Overall rating “good or bad”
Compatibility with Your Child

Name with DOB

Name with DOB section under Your Relationships shows your name’s compatibility with your date of birth. So, you can check if your name is good/friendly for you or not. And if your name is not friendly with your date of birth, the daily numerology app will also show you a few numbers and their related alphabets which will make your name compatible with you. Name with DOB section will show you:

  • Relationship between your Psychic/driver number and Name number
  • Relationship between your Destiny/conductor number and Name number
  • And then suggested name numbers and their alphabets (if your name is not compatible with your destiny or psychic number)
Your Compatibility with your Name and Date of Birth

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