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Client Review and Testimonials for J C Chaudhry's Numerology Services

  • Published 12 Jul 2023
  • Last Updated 13 Jul 2023
  • Read Time 4 mins

Dr. J C Chaudhry, chairman of Chaudhry Nummero Pvt. Ltd. (CNPL), a numerology auditing and consulting company, is a globally accomplished numerologist with over three decades of experience. Over the years, he has performed countless name corrections and guided several distinguished personalities to an elevated lifestyle through his numerology expertise. His numerological expertise lies in name change numerology, business numerology, company numerology audit, marriage numerology, new-born numerology, etc.

Read some of his Numerology Client Testimonials from across the Globe.

1) Mr. Satissh Balyan (Dubai): I am Satissh Balyan, and I am the CEO of Tesla Properties and Tesla Vacation Home. I am running out two companies here in Dubai with 30+ ladies, gentlemen, and staff from all over the world, such as Russian, French, Arabic, and Asian staff. I gave my date of birth to him, then he changed the spelling of my name. My name was Satish with a regular spelling, and now it is SATISSH Balyan. So, this change has changed my life

2) Mr. Raja Taneja (Sydney): For more than two decades, I have been following and seeking guidance from Mr. J.C Chaudhry. I want to share a significant experience where I approached Chaudhry Sir to examine my son's numerological chart. Upon analyzing my son's numbers, Chaudhry Sir discovered that the frequency of his name was not aligned with his surroundings. He suggested a slight modification to his name, which we implemented, which had a positive impact on our lives.

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3) Mr. Siddhant Sahib Ji (India): I am Siddhant Saheb Ji, Chairman and Director of BKT Media Pvt. Ltd. We met Sh. J C Chaudhry Saheb and we found that he trusts numerology. Sir, told us that the number of all Directors in our company do not match with the name of company. Earlier the name of our company was BKT Academy & Films Pvt. Ltd. and after sir’s suggestion we changed the name of our company to BKT Media Pvt. Ltd. and everything changed. Our speed changed and by the God’s grace even after having COVID period, we are much successful.

4) Mr. Manoj Kumar (India): My Name is Manoj Kumar and by profession I am Swimming Instructor. I met Sh. J C Chaudhry Ji and I came to know that Chaudhry Ji knows about numerology and one day I told him after getting many treatments also, we are not getting happiness of having a baby. Then Chaudhry Ji asked me to give our actual Date of Birth and Time of Birth. Mr. Chaudhry called me and told me that he has done lot of study on our Date of Birth and timing of birth and as per him we have to take some precautions. We followed the suggestions as given to us by Chaudhry Sahib and were blessed with a healthy baby boy.

5) Mr. Harish Gulati (India): Myself Harish Gulati, resident of Delhi and Engineer by profession. I would like to tell something about my daughter Yamini Gualti. In the month of October,1998 she had fever because of which she had problem of Brain Meningitis. During that period, I have shown her to many best doctors and visited many hospitals across India but not got any cure from anywhere. I met Chaudhry Ji at Aakash Institute. During our discussion I told him about my daughter. Then he asked me Date of Birth and Name of my daughter. I told him that name of my daughter is Deepti Gulati. Then he checked name of my daughter as per numerology and told me that her name Deepti Gulati does not suit her. As per numerology, he suggested me to keep her name Yamini Gulati. After changing her name, we have observed drastic changes in her, who was not able to walk, fall down, had fits regularly and now by the grace of Mata Rani, she is absolutely fine, perfectly walking & playing in home.

Numerology Interactions with Dr. J C Chaudhry


Dr J C Chaudhry numerology reading of famous personalities


1) Subhash Chandra( founder of Zee Tv and chairperson of Essel World)

2) Sudhir Chaudhry (Consulting Editor in Aajtak)

3) Sudhanshu Mittal( Vice President- Indian Olympic Association)

4) Rajendra Pratap Gupta ( Chairman, Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Jobs, IGF United Nations)

5) Anurag Batra ( Editor in Chief and Chairman, Businessworld.in)

6) Kapil Dev ( Indian Former Cricketer)

7) Meenakshi Lekhi(Honourable Minister of State for external affairs and culture of India)

8) Mr. Naressh Kumar Kumawat ( Fine art sculptor artist)

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