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Entrepreneurial Success Recipe By Top Numerologist JC Chaudhry

  • Published 17 Nov 2021
  • Last Updated 20 Nov 2021
  • Read Time 6 mins

By Calculating Numerical vibrations/values of numbers and their relationship

It is truly liberating to start up your own business. It is your pride and joy, your dream, your vision come to life. However, sustaining it consistently and lucratively over a prolonged duration of time is challenging.

Many upcoming entrepreneurs take the plunge, unfortunately despite the hard work, dedication and investments, they are unable to achieve the success they aspire for. Numerology can give you answers to this. With the help of numerology, they can plan and can take precautions to avoid any chances of failure.

Every Planet/Number vibrates with some definite frequency. When frequency of vibration of planets are harmonious, they attract each other and show friendship and if their frequencies of vibration are not in harmony, they will behave indifferently & show enmity.

To explain it, let us presume, there are three persons who are joining hands & want to invest their time and money to make their start-up a profitable venture:

1. KARAN KAUSHIK, Date of Birth 24th July,1995

2. PREET GUPTA, Date of Birth 22nd April,1996

3. STAVINDER SINGH, Date of Birth 21st November,1997

The Name is very important and powerful. If 2 or 3 persons plan to join together, they must check the harmony between their Name numbers, their Psychic Numbers and their Destiny numbers.


(A) Compatibility of Initial Alphabet of Name


Every alphabet of the Name is assigned a Number. Each alphabet keeps vibrating with some definite frequency. The first alphabet of the name is most important, as it will take the leading role. So, first of all, we must see the first alphabets of partner’s names. They should vibrate with similar frequencies. So, in this case we see the first alphabet of Karan Kaushik is ‘K’ having value as 2, Preet Gupta is ‘P’ having value 8 and Satvinder Singh is ‘S’ having value 3. So, we should see whether number 2 is in harmony with number 8 & 3. Yes, they are in harmony, so it is a good start. 

Value for Alphabets as per Chaldean System of Numerology


(B) Secondly, we should calculate the complete Name number by putting value of each alphabet. 


There are 26 alphabets in English language. These alphabets also keep vibrating with some definite frequency. Each alphabet has been assigned a definite number. Various numerologists have given different methods of assigning numbers to these alphabets. The most popular and widely accepted system of assigning numbers to these alphabets is given by CHALDEAN. So, we will follow the Chaldean system of nomenclature.


(C ) Relationship between Planets/Numbers


Relationship Between Planets & Numbers

1. 2. Name Number Calculation

Now, let us take-up names of partners & calculate their numbers. 

Name number calculation

if we see the compatibility between these name numbers, we find Name number of Karan Kaushik (4) is in harmony with Preet Gupta (1) but not with Satvinder Singh (3), whereas Name number of Preet Gupta (1) is in harmony with both of them. Name number of Satvinder Singh (3) is in harmony with Preet Gupta (1) but not with Karan Kaushik (4). So, chances of Success will be low. One partner having name number 1 is friendly with rest of the two partners. So, he can go ahead with either of the two partners. But if they all want to work together; little obstacles will come; in adjusting and fast take-up of project because Number (3) Satvinder Singh and Number (4) Karan Kaushik are not compatible.


1. Psychic Number Calculation 


It is important to mention here that Date of the Birth is called Psychic number or Driver number. It can be single digit from 1 to 9 or compound number from 10 to 31, which has to be added and reduced to single number. In our daily life and day to day activity, we give more importance to Psychic number throughout the life and Destiny number remains more or less silent/dormant. 


2. Destiny Number Calculation


The Destiny number is calculated by adding Date, Month, Year. This number is used for long term projects like purchase of house, fixing marriage date of boy and girl etc. In fact, it denotes more to the karma done by a person in past.

Psychic & Destiny Number Calculation\

If we see the compatibility between their Psychic numbers, then we find Psychic number of Karan (6) is friendly with Preet (4) and Satvinder (3) and Psychic number of Preet (4) is friendly with Karan (6) but is unfriendly with Satvinder Singh (3).

Hence, business will be slow.

Similarly, If, we see the compatibility between their Destiny numbers, then we find Destiny number of Karan (1) is friendly with Satvinder’s Destiny Numbers (4) but unfriendly with Destiny numbers of Preet (6). Hence, business will be slow.


3. Brand Name Compatibility


Besides the harmonious relationship between the Name number, Psychic number and Destiny number of partners, the name of the Brand/Project should also be taken into consideration. By writing the values of each alphabet of brand/project name, we can find-out its number. It is very important that the name number and destiny number of partners should vibrate harmoniously to the number of Brand/Project name. If it is anti to each other then it may lead to failure. 

To understand better, the relationship between various numbers and their ruling planets, Table 3 is given below, which will be helpful to understand their relationship:  

Relationship Between Planets & Numbers


4. Psychic and Destiny Number Compatibility

It is also important to see whether the partners, who are joining are lucky or unlucky for themselves also. We see the relationship between their Psychic Number and Destiny Number. If the relation/vibrational frequencies between Psychic number and Destiny number is harmonious, then that person is said to be lucky, if it is otherwise, then he is less fortunate/unlucky. Here in this case Karan Kaushik DOB is 6/1 (Unlucky) Preet Gupta is 4/6 (lucky) and Satvinder Singh is 3/4 which is also unlucky. So, if two out of three partners are unlucky persons, the project is set up for failure.


5. Launch Date of Project

Beside this, the Date of launch of project is also very important. In such cases, Psychic number should be considered because the start-ups are planned for 2-3 years i.e. short term. So, the Psychic number of the person should vibrate harmoniously with Date of the launch of project. If launching of brand/project is long term, then in that case the harmony needs to exist between Destiny number of partners and date of launch of project.

Let us say the project launch date is 8th March. So, we have to see how is the relationship of 8 with Psychic numbers of Partners. The Psychic number of Karan is 6, Preet is 4 and Satvinder is 3. 

The relationship of Psychic number of Karan and date of launch is friendly, relationship of Psychic number of Preet and date of launch is unfriendly and relationship of Psychic number of Satvinder and date of launch is friendly.


6. Address of building/plot

Where the project is to be launched also plays a significant role in success. The address number should vibrate harmoniously with the Psychic numbers of the partners of the project, if it is for short duration of 2-3 years.

In this way, we can summarize the parameters to be considered at the commencement of the Start-up:

1. First alphabet of Name 

2. Name Number 

3. Psychic Number 

4. Destiny Number

5. Relationship between Psychic Number and Destiny Number

6. Relation between Name number of Brand/Company to be launched and Name number of partners.

7. Date of Inauguration should match with Psychic number of partners

8. Address of Building/place should match with Psychic number of partners

In Entrepreneurship, risk-taking is necessary. One must possess the courage to embrace the factor of chance, however, have the wisdom to implement numerology to facilitate a calculated risk. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, support@jcchaudhry.com || www.jcchaudhry.com.

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