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How to Attract Luck in a Child's Life?

  • Published 03 May 2023
  • Last Updated 29 Mar 2024
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Parents always wish the best for their children. Their only wish is to see them prosper and be successful in life. One of the earliest steps that parents can take to ensure that their child leads a life full of opportunities, luck, and happiness is to select the right boy or girl name for their baby.

Power of Name - Importance in Life

Name Numerology Solutions  by Dr. JC Chaudhry

A person's name establishes their unique identity. The influence of a name is felt throughout the life journey and continues even after the person’s death. Every letter in the name has a meaning, and the birth name reveals a lot about a person’s behaviour and talents. Thus, the name is powerful and impactful. In numerology science, a person's name is considered the fourth dimension of life. Date, time, and place of birth are the first three dimensions of life. The date, time, and place of birth are determined by the planetary movements, positioning, and vibrations and are fixed. To ensure a smooth life, parents have control only over the name. Therefore, it becomes of the utmost importance that parents select the right name for their child. Parents can give their child a lucky name with the help of numerology.

Baby Name Numerology

Newborn name numerology helps parents select a name number that vibrates harmoniously with the baby’s date of birth number. The compatibility between the name number with the destiny number and psychic number indicates that the chosen name is a lucky one for the baby. A lucky baby name can make sure the child leads a life with fewer obstacles and more opportunities. The first letter of the name reveals the person’s characteristics. Newborn name numerology also suggests the parents' first letter has a friendly number to the name number. A name that has more friendly numbers makes the name powerful.

Relationship Between Alphabets and Numbers

Each letter of the alphabet is ruled by a different planet. The best qualities and personality traits of the ruling planet are seen in the child.
● Name starts with Letter A I J Y Q having number 1 is ruled by the Sun
● Name starts with Letter B K R is having number 2 is ruled by the Moon
● Name starts with Letter C G L S having number 3 is ruled by Jupiter
● Name starts with Letter D M T having number 4 is ruled by the Uranus
● Name starts with Letter H N E X having number 5 is ruled by the Mercury
● Name starts with Letter U V W having number 6 is ruled by the Venus
● Name starts with Letter O Z having number 7 is ruled by the Neptune
● Name starts with Letter F P having number 8 is ruled by the Saturn

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Lucky Name Numerology

Name Correction Numerology

Many times, parents have the following queries and are seeking a solution to them:

● My child’s name is not compatible with the date of birth.

● My child is facing problems in life.

● What will be the lucky name for my child?

The solution to the above questions lies in name correction numerology. It is a numerology service where the alphabets of the name are either added or removed to obtain a friendly number to the child’s date of birth number to make the name lucky. In certain cases, a name change is recommended as well. A name correction or name change at the age of 7 or a multiple of 7 is considered good. So, the importance of a name in life cannot be underestimated. It has a great role to play in one’s success. Name numerology can help you select the name that is numerically right for your child’s bright future.

Dr. J C Chaudhry, a globally renowned numerologist, has done name correction for many celebrated and notable personalities, helping them lead an improved life. You may consult him for a baby name or name correction numerology by registering yourself at https://www.jcchaudhry.com/numerology/signup or downloading our JC Nummerro App.


1. How do I select a lucky name for my baby?
Ans: To choose a lucky name for your baby according to numerology involves calculating the name number and checking its compatibility with the date of birth number to determine whether it is lucky or not. If name number and date of birth numbers are friendly, the selected name is lucky in the context of numerology.

2. How to calculate name number in numerology?
Ans: To calculate a name number in numerology, write down the letters of the name. Take full name. Every letter has associated values in numerology, for example (A=1, R = 2, S=3). So, write down the corresponding value of the letters in the name, and add the values till you get a single digit which will be known as the name number.

3. What happens if the name of the baby is not chosen as per numerology?
Ans: Many people name their babies after celebrities, names of God and Goddess, or unique names. But, sometimes the name doesn’t suit the baby because it is incompatible with the baby as per numerology, and as a result, the child may have to face problems like life poor health, poor studies, setbacks later in life, etc.

4. What do I get in baby name numerology consultation?
Ans: If you opt for a baby name numerology consultation with Dr. J C Chaudhry, you will get to know the lucky initial letter of the name and compatible spellings of the name. If you have already decided on a name, you will learn whether the name is lucky or not, and if not, the correct name for the baby, etc.

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