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How to Avoid Silly Mistakes in Exams? 10 Important Tips

  • Published 13 Jan 2021
  • Last Updated 04 Oct 2021
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We have seen many instances where students work hard but don’t get the desired results. They do a lot of practice, taking mock tests, classes, sleepless nights, extra classes, and a lot more. But finally, they have to represent their efforts in the exams, where they fail because of a few silly mistakes. 

This blog post covers, how students can be more organized in their efforts and can increase their percentage by avoiding a few mistakes during the examination. 

1. Practice as many mock tests as possible

This habit will condition your mind to sit through the exam active and focused. You will be able to finish the test in the given time. This Will build your confidence immensely. Also, you should give the mock test in the same time slot in which you will be appearing for the main real exam.


2. Analyze your pattern of mistakes

In mock tests, when you get the results, sit with all the errors, and understand your pattern of mistakes. Whether It is the calculation, slow answering, unclear concepts, you should try to polish it. In short, try to minimize your mistakes.


3. Read the Questions properly

Many times, it happens with the students, they read the starting portion of the question and then assume the remaining and due to which they write incomplete or wrong answers. So, make this a habit to read the questions properly with a focused mind.


4. Never answer hastily

Just because you know the answer, you get excited and might write in hurry, and land up missing a few steps. So, even if you know the answer, review your answer properly for the question asked. 


5. Calculation Errors

This is one of the most common errors by students. The step is right; the equation is correct but simply a wrong calculation. Students must work on this weaker area. 


6. Copy the question correctly on the answer sheet

In many questions, you need to write the equation from the question paper to the answer sheet. It is highly possible that in the actual paper due to stress or time constraints, you might copy wrong and then eventually give the wrong answer. So, recheck and tally the question/ equation from the question paper before you start solving it. 

Tips for students to prepare for their exams by JC Chaudhry

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7. Simultaneous Rechecking

It is practically impossible to recheck the entire paper after you have finished it. It is stressful for students to complete the exam in the given time and rechecking again is like doing the paper again. So dear students, before you write the final answer of any calculation, review every step of the calculation, and then write the final answer. With this even if there is an error, it can be redone and there is enough space for writing the correct calculation and answer. 


8. Stop Practicing Mock tests one week before the main exam

Do not overburden yourself with practicing till the last day, it will leave you pressurized. Simply pick up last year actual question paper and solve it in the allowed time limit. This will give you the confidence that you can complete it within the allowed time limit.


9. Eat Well and do physical activity for one hour

Eat a healthy diet and make sure that you do any outdoor physical activity like running, walking, cycling, etc. This will help you release anxiety and stress.


10. Good Sleep is absolutely essential

8 hours of deep sleep is absolutely necessary for your mind and body to work best.


Motivational Videos for Students by J C Chaudhry



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Pankaj Das
Mon, 01/25/2021 - 12:45

Thank you for sharing this information. This is great! I have created my list of To Do with priorities according to suggestions and feeling very confident for my exam preparation.