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How to Come Out of Depression?

  • Published 12 Nov 2018
  • Last Updated 12 Feb 2024
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Everyone tends to feel low at one time or the other. However, when feelings of sadness and dismal continue for a long period of time it is known as depression. It is a pervasive feeling. When suffering from depression, one starts to feel hopeless and the things which they used to find enjoyable before becomes a chore. It emotionally drains a person as well as takes away their desire to survive leaving them with a feeling that nothing can make them feel better.

Depression affects a person emotionally and mentally

Why Depression Happens?

Common causes of depression include physical or emotional trauma, social factors, loss of a loved one, conflicts, etc. A single or a combination of factors may be responsible for a person’s depressed state of mind. For example, Even the top-performing students in schools (sometimes) suffer from depression due to the increasing academic pressure and stress. Unable to cope up with their studies, they start feeling worthless and begin doubting their abilities. This leads to decreased social interaction, feeling irritated and frustrated most of the time.

Who can Suffer from Depression? 

Anyone can suffer from depression. People of young and old age are at a higher risk of getting depressed. 

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Ways To Control Depression?

Depression is a treatable illness.

1) Talk with a Confidante: The first way to come out of it is confiding to a trusted friend or a family member in this tough time. The confidante may or may not solve the problem but just being able to share feelings and having a good listener can help the sufferer.

talk with a confidante to feel better

2) Meditate: Secondly, a depressed mind tends to overthink and develops a negative mindset. A person suffering from depression should meditate daily. Meditation will help calm the anxiety, clear the clutter from the head, and will make the person more mindful.

Meditate regularly for depression

3) Take up a Hobby: Thirdly, a depressed person should engage himself/herself in energetic and leisure activities. They can indulge in their hobbies. It acts as a tool for distraction from negative thoughts. Feeling fatigued, being lazy and lethargic are most common during the depression. A person should push himself/herself to move around a little. These activities will aid the person to unwind the day and keep stress at bay.

Do leisure activities to keep stress away

4) Sleep Well: Another way to come out of depression is to get enough sleep. Sleep and mood are closely connected. Inadequate sleep can cause stress, while healthy sleep can enhance well-being. The person should take steps to ensure adequate sleep which will improve their mood and well-being. The quality of sleep affects the quality of waking life, mental sharpness, creativity and weight. Adequate sleep delivers many benefits with little effort. It is important for the sufferer to take adequate measures to get restful sleep.

Sleep well to uplift mood

5) Family should Extend Support: Last on our list, depression can make a person want to hide away from the world. Family and friends help the suffering person by creating an ambient environment for the person, encouraging the person to form healthy social contact and not living the person alone.

family should create a harmonious atmosphere for depressed person

Depression can be managed. These steps can help a person cope with a depressed state of mind. Try and help out your near and dear ones who have succumbed to depression because life is beautiful and there is so much to live. 

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