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How Does Your Date of Birth Impacts Your Life as per Numerology?

  • Published 12 Apr 2023
  • Last Updated 29 Mar 2024
  • Read Time 5 mins

Numbers surround us. Your birth, one of the most important events in your life, is associated with a number: date of birth number. The house you live in has a number: the house number; vehicle you drive has a number: car number, etc. So, numbers and life events are closely related. If you understand what these numbers are and how they affect your life, you can exercise more control over it.

Numerology, the number science, helps you understand the hidden meaning of the numbers in your life and their impact. Your birth numbers is one of the three core numbers used for numerological predictions.

Importance of Date of Birth in Numerology

Each number of the date of birth has a meaning. Your birth day gives you the Psychic Number or Birth Number that reveals your inner desires. The influence of the birth number lasts a lifetime.

The sum of the date, month, and year gives your Destiny Number or Life Path Number, which determines the direction of your life. It is crucial for planning long-term events.

The numbers of your month and year also help in numerology calculations and future predictions. They are used for monthly and yearly predictions, respectively.

Most importantly, a harmonious relationship between your name number and your date of birth Number brings luck in life. The compatibility between these two numbers indicates fewer challenges and more opportunities.

How Does Your Life Path Number or Destiny Number Affect Your Life?

Your date of birth has a great influence on various life events. Your birth date numerology numbers reveal your unique and strong characteristics. As per date of birth numerology, the destiny number affects your life events and tells about the kind of life you will lead.

1. Career: Your numbers can help you choose the right career. Your life path number reveals the best-suited career options for you, if pursued given your interest can prove to be a successful career option. People are often confused about the career path or wish to go for the career lucky for them, and numerology shows them the way.

2. Job: Some individuals do not attain success in their profession despite hard work. It is because the company they are working for is incompatible. With the help of numerology, one can check beforehand whether the prospective company is compatible to work with or not. The relationship between the destiny number and company number is studied for favourable results.

3. Relationships: Every relationship is beautiful and vital in life. To maintain harmony in relationships, be it a marriage relationship, business partnership, relationship with a child; harmony is necessary. Destiny number numerology can assist you in finding friendly partners in your life.

4. Marriage Date: The right selection of marriage date is crucial for a happy married life. A date that is friendly with the number of bride and groom is known to be a lucky marriage date. Numerology can help you find an auspicious wedding date.

5. House: While buying a house, check the relationship of your house number with your date of birth numerology number. The house number that is friendly with your Life Path number is a lucky house number for you and can help you lead an improved lifestyle.

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Life Areas Influenced by Psychic Number or Birth Number

Your birth date number gives you the ruling planet. The best qualities of the ruling planet are visible in you, and the impact of the birth number is felt on a day-to-day basis.

1. Car Number: A car number that vibrates harmoniously with the psychic number is considered a friendly car number. Having a compatible car number helps minimize unforeseen events of accident and theft.

2. Mobile Number: Mobile is an everyday essential. Mobile number compatibility is necessary for selecting the right number. A mobile number friendly with your Birth Number can prove to be advantageous for you.

3. Email Id: You use your email address for personal and professional work. A lucky email address can keep your work, and personal life organized. Check the compatibility of your email address with your psychic number to attract luck in life.

4. Rented House: To ensure a comfortable stay in a rented home, the rented home should be lucky for you. Check the compatibility of your house number with your psychic number for leading an enhanced lifestyle.


1. Can numerology tell you your fate?

Ans: Numerology number such as destiny or life path number reveals the life plan for you and help you make the right long-term decisions for a fulfilling life. It is useful for predicting important life events such as getting married, buying a house, investing in property, career path, etc.

2. How is the date of birth important in numerology?

Ans: The date of birth on which you are born gives two important numbers: birth number and destiny number are used for numerology calculation and predictions by numerologists.

3. What if I don’t know my date of birth, can a numerologist do the calculation?

Ans: If any person doesn’t know about their birth date, month, and year then the numerologist may use name number for numerology calculations to make predictions.

4. Does the date of birth in numerology tell me my planet number?

Ans: The date of birth in numerology is used to calculate the psychic or the birth number. Your birth number is ruled by a ruling planet and by seeing your psychic number numerologist can tell you about your planet. For example, number 1 is ruled by Sun; 2 by Moon, etc.

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Sunil kumar karnam
Fri, 06/02/2023 - 21:00

My actual DOB is different from DOB in academic records, which one to follow and use for numerology

J C Chaudhry
Sat, 06/03/2023 - 10:32

For numerological calculations, the actual DOB is used.