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How Job and Career Numerology Works?

  • Published 22 Sep 2021
  • Last Updated 08 Oct 2021
  • Read Time 2 mins

Numerology has many aspects. One of them is Job & Career Numerology. Career numerology is a gateway to find the right career path for you. It tells you which career or field can bring the most success for you. Also, Numerologists’ suggest don’t choose a path based on your numbers only if it doesn’t feel passionate to you. You should also have an interest in the career that goes with your date of birth.

On the other side, if you have no clue or passion for a particular field, you must know your appropriate career with the help of Numerology. Sometimes people choose any field of study, job or business without knowing their right career and end up either leaving or changing that field or facing a lot of challenges or failures in life.

Choose a Right Career Path as per your Numbers

Sometimes, even bright students at their school or college time also face career selection or stability issues. It mostly happens because of their wrong selection of career against their numbers/DOB. They have a sharp mind to do well in a particular field, but they enter the wrong field. All this create a lot of confusion and dissatisfaction in life. So, it is better to find the right career for you with the help of Numerology. 

Let’s find out if you also have the below-mentioned questions in your mind related to your career:

 If you are confused about which career to choose.

  • You have completed your education but are confused if doing a job or business is good for you.
  • You are already doing a job but having an interest in a different field. Is it good for you to change your job in that field or not?
  • You are passed out from a reputed institute but not getting any good job.
  • You are in a job but not happy with the current designation and salary. 
  • Your promotion is getting delayed irrespective of all the hard work.
  • You want to check your compatibility with your boss or any new company you are looking to interview. 
  • You want to know if you will get a Government job or not.
  • You want to start your own business.
  • You are looking for a job abroad and want to know the chances of getting settled there. 

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Career Numerology for you

Your date of birth (Destiny/Life path number) decides the best career options for you. All the above-mentioned prospects are discovered based on your complete numerology reading (using your name and date of birth).
If you have any particular question related to your job or career, you may select your question and ask on our Job/Career Ask your Question page. You will get a reply to your question via email.

You may also book an online or face-to-face appointment for your complete career numerology reading.



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