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How Mobile Numerology works to find a Lucky Mobile Number?

  • Published 04 May 2021
  • Last Updated 04 May 2021
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Numerology has many benefits as it works in different aspects of our life. Numerology is not limited to predict the future only. It also helps finding the compatibility of our Name and Date of birth with different numbers. For example, calculating the compatibility of a person with a new Vehicle/car number, house number and mobile number.

There is Numerology behind each calculation. In this article, we help you find the mobile number compatibility using Mobile Numerology. 

Know your Lucky Mobile Number

A mobile number which will be suitable/compatible to you will be your lucky mobile number. Means the number should be in harmony with your numbers. If you choose a mobile number which is compatible with both; your date of birth and name, will be the best and a lucky mobile number for you. 

So, before you buy a new mobile number or want to check the compatibility of your existing mobile number, you should check following numerology steps:

1.    Mobile number should be friendly with Psychic number. That number is said to be good/lucky mobile number for the person.

2.    The mobile number that vibrates in harmony with the name number as well is said to be very luck mobile number for the person.

3.    Mobile number should contain less number of ‘Zero’ in it.

4.    Mobile number should not end with ‘Zero’

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To explain the same. Let us take a hypothetical example of a person whose name is

KESHAW GUPTA, his date of birth is 17th June 1992 and his Mobile number: 9819123045

To begin with the calculation, we will first find the single number of his name. To calculate the name number, use the values of alphabet as per Chaldean Numerology system. Below is the table with values assigned to each alphabet.
Chaldean numerology Alphabet numbers

First, let us Calculate Name Number of Keshaw Gupta

K E S H A W    G U P T A
 1 5 3 5 1 6         3 6 8 4 1 
     =22                 =22
= 2+2=4            = 2+2=4
           = 4+4=8

Name Number is 8


Next, we will find Psychic and Destiny Number of Keshaw Gupta

Date of Birth : 17th June 1992

Psychic Number/Birth Date Number : 17 = 8 (1+7)


Destiny Number/Life Path Number Calculation

(Date + Month + Year)
=1+7+6+1+9+9+2 =35 = 8 (3+5)

Destiny Number: 8

Hence, DOB is represented as 8/8

Then, we will reduce Mobile Number to single number :
9+8+1+9+1+2+3+0+4+5 =42 = 6 (4+2)

Mobile Number value: 6

Now, we should check the compatibility of Mobile number with Keshaw Gupta Date of Birth

1.    Compatibility of Mobile Number with Psychic number
       In the Case Mobile Number is 6 and Psychic number is 8, both have friendly relationship with each other

2.    Compatibility of Mobile Number with Name number
       In the Case Mobile Number is 6 and Name number is 8, both have friendly relationship with each other

3.    Mobile number have only one ‘Zero’

4.    Mobile number also doesn’t end with Zero

Hence, we can say that this mobile number will be very lucky mobile number for the Keshaw Gupta. 

Relationship Table
Friendly and enemy numbers in numerology


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