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How Numerology is Helpful in Day-to-Day Life?

  • Published 26 Nov 2021
  • Last Updated 07 Feb 2024
  • Read Time 3 mins

“A student worries about his career while a graduate is unhappy with the job.”

“A businessman is under stress to increase business profits while a newly married couple faces relationship issues.”

Everyone in life faces some problem or the other. But is there any solution to this? Yes, Numerology can help you to some extent. There are many areas of life where Numerology works and can show you a safer path.

So, let’s find out how you can use Numerology to make your personal and professional life better.  

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Numerology in Day to Day Life


Numerology in your Daily Life

Numerology for Personal Life

Numerology for you tells you about your lucky colours & dates. Try to use as many as lucky colours in your day to day life; you can have your dresses, curtains, pillows, bedsheets and other decorations in your lucky colour or similar shades of it. Book your life’s important events or any new work on your lucky dates. Having your lucky things around will bring luck in your life as well.


Numerology for Relationship

Numerology for relationships tells about the personality of a person and your relationship compatibility with the other person. So, for any new relation either friendship, business partnership or selecting a new partner, numerology can be very helpful. It can help you choose the right partner/person based on compatibility.


Numerology for Business

Numerology for business tells how you can choose a lucky brand name for you, date of launch of the business or a new project, lucky area or location of the business. More importantly, if you start a business in partnership, you can check compatibility with your business partner(s).


Numerology for Career

Numerology for career tells you the right career path as per your numbers. You can know the right career options for you. And if looking for a job or joining a new company, you can check your compatibility with the company, your lucky date of joining etc.


Numerology for Marriage

Numerology for marriage tells you the right date of marriage and compatibility of the boy and girl based on their numbers. A lady can know the right name & surname to use after marriage based on the numbers’ compatibility with her husband.


Numerology for New Born

Numerology for New Born tells the lucky first name initial to be used. And based on the first initial, whatever name you choose, Numerology will help to check if the Name will be lucky for the new child or not to get him all the success and a good life ahead.

So, Numerology is helpful in many areas of life. It can make your life easier and smoother. You can take the help of Numerology to plan your daily events.

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Yagna Patel
Sat, 12/04/2021 - 01:22

I mentioned many times via email I couldn’t get OTP for Jc Nummerro app, that’s why not able to use app . My birthdate is 31/08/1976 name is Yagna Pramukhbhai Patel.
Please let me know my lucky colour and lucky dates and how that work when year changes remaining same every year or month..!🙏

J C Chaudhry
Mon, 12/06/2021 - 09:45

Could you please tell us your location so that we can look into the matter of why you were unable to get OTP?  

To know your lucky dates and colours based on your date of birth, you can check our weekly forecast blog. For every week, you will have different lucky dates. 

For December week (6th December -12 December) know your Lucky Dates by reading the blog. Click the link: https://www.jcchaudhry.com/article/numerology-predictions-j-c-chaudhry-6th-december-12th-december-2021-weekly-numerology