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How Personalized Numerology Report Can Help You In A Long Way?

  • Published 11 Nov 2022
  • Last Updated 02 Mar 2023
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In a lifetime, a person has to go through several good and bad moments. Certainly, we all wish for the good things in life, but struggles are inevitable. When a person is facing a bad time in life, be it personal or professional, they try everything to get a solution for the problem.

A Numerology reading can be a life-changing experience as it reveals the area of the problem. It also sheds light on personality traits, desires, etc. about the person undergoing a numerology analysis. Numerology calculations study the vibrations of a person’s numbers that significantly affect life events.

For example, a person is facing troubles in marriage and wants to know the root cause of marital problems. Disharmony in marriage could be due to the incompatibility of numbers between the partners. A numerology marriage report is a way to find it. Knowing the real cause can assist the person take measures in the right direction and resolve the problem.

Dr. J C Chaudhry is a world-renowned numerologist with 38 years of experience in numerology chart reading and predictions. He provides personalized numerology reports and solutions.

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1) Business Numerology Audit

A Numerology audit of companies is a service for entrepreneurs and businessmen. A thorough analysis and compatibility check of the company is done to determine the percentage of lucky and unlucky employees, compatibility of numbers, brand name compatibility, etc. Choosing lucky employees, keeping a favorable brand name, and launching the project on an auspicious date can give positive results.

2) Name Analysis and Correction

A person’s name can bring good luck if the name number is in harmony with the date of birth number. If the name number is incompatible with the date of birth, name correction is advised for progress in life.

3) House/Office Compatibility

House number or office number has an effect on life events. A lucky house number can lead to a flourishing family and a compatible office number attracts luck.

4) Lo Shu Grid Analysis

Nine numbers rule our lives. No individual has all the nine numbers present in the birth chart/Lo Shu Grid. The numerology birth chart reading reveals the missing numbers in one’s Lo Shu Grid. Missing numbers have a negative impact. For example, if Number 2 is missing from the birth chart, the person can suffer from relationship problems and delay in marriage. Numerology remedies help in mitigating the negative effect of the missing number.

5) Marriage Love Compatibility

Marriage between two compatible people brings harmony to the relationship. Numerology love reading helps find compatible partners and the right date of marriage, and engagement for a blissful life ahead.

6) New Born Naming

To suggest a name or first alphabet of name that is compatible with the date of birth for prosperity and successful life ahead. Personalized numerology report also tells the lucky date and time for baby delivery, newborn future predictions, etc.

Benefits of Numerology Report by Dr. J C Chaudhry

1. Calculation of your three core Numbers: Name Number, Psychic Number, and Destiny Number

2. Learn about the compatibility between your name and date of birth

3. Get a personalized answer(s) to your problem question(s)

4. Remedies for improved lifestyle

5. Seek his expert advice on different matters in life

6. Name correction/ Name change advice


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