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How to Select your Baby Name as Per Numerology?

  • Published 22 Apr 2021
  • Last Updated 22 Apr 2021
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Parents often buy expensive gifts and toys for their children to make them happy. But do you know what is the best gift for your child? The best gift for your child is the Name that you give him. Once your child has the correct name, he gets the capability of buying anything in his life.

Having a right name makes a lot of difference in your child’s life. Now, here comes the question how to find a lucky name for the baby. With the help of Numerology, you may calculate the lucky name number for your baby. 


How to find a Lucky Name Number?

To calculate the lucky name number, you must know the Psychic number and Destiny number of your child. A lucky name will be one, which is compatible to both; Psychic number and Destiny number of the baby.

Let’s take an example where Psychic number is 4 and Destiny number is 3. 

Now, number 4 and 3 both are not friendly to each other. They are anti numbers.

So, in this case it becomes more important to select a name number which is friendly to both these numbers. 

If we select number 1 as name number, then it is friendly to both numbers 4 and 3.

Similarly, 9 is also friendly to numbers 4 and 3. 

So, we can select any name, whose number either comes to 1 or 9. 

If you don’t know the friendly or unfriendly numbers to each number, check out table given in this blog post– Find Your Personal Year Number

To calculate the name numbers, you must know the value of each Alphabet. Consider the below table for values assigned to each Alphabet as per Chaldean Numerology system. 

Alphabets value in numerology

Let’s assume if select the name “Ajay” for this child and the Surname is Bhatiya

So, we will calculate the Name number for Ajay Bhatiya.

In Ajay, the value of A is 1, value of J is 1, Value of Y is 1, again the Value of A is 1. So, total will be 4.  

In Bhatiya, the value of B is 2, value of H is 5, Value of A is 1, Value of T is 4, Value of I is 1, Value of Y is 1 and again Value of A is 1. So, total will be 14. Single number will be 1+4=5.

A  J  A  Y     B  H  A  T  I  Y  A
1  1  1  1     2  5  1  1  1  1
=4              =14= 5

As we checked above name number 9 will be friendly to the baby’s Psychic and Destiny number. So, Ajay Bhatiya can prove a lucky name for the child’s future as name number 9 will create good vibration and harmony with the Psychic and Destiny number. 

So, apply this name numerology method, to check the name number compatibility for your new born. Let’s know if you find any difficulty or having any further query related to your child’s future.

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