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Know the Power of Numbers with Expert Numerologist Dr. J C Chaudhry

  • Published 03 Nov 2023
  • Last Updated 27 Mar 2024
  • Read Time 4 mins

Numbers surround us. When you look around yourself, you will find numbers everywhere. You are driving on the street you will notice numbers on the traffic lights that direct your movement. The place you are heading to will also have a number that will help you reach your destination. You shop for anything, the amount you pay is in numbers, etc.

numbers rule your life

Your life is also ruled by three important numerology numbers. Three numbers in numerology: Psychic Number / Birth Number, Destiny Number/Life Path Number, and Name Number reveal a lot of information about your destiny, behaviour, achievements, and struggles.

To understand the hidden meanings of your numbers and to predict future events, you need to consult a numerologist. In the coming section, we will discuss how to choose the best numerologist and the benefits of numerology consulting with a numerologist.

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How to choose the numerologist?

For numerology consultation, choose an experienced numerologist. Dr. J C Chaudhry is a numerologist with 39+ years of experience who has performed countless name corrections and has helped many through his numerology expertise.

Why Consult Numerologist Dr. J C Chaudhry


Numerology consultation benefits


Understand The Hidden Meaning of Your Numbers: Numerology science says that numbers 1 to 9 rule our lives. Each number has a ruling planet whose influence is seen in people’s lives. Dr. Chaudhry studies your numbers and reveals the hidden meaning behind it. He tells you your ruling number what it signifies, your personality traits, hidden desires, lucky numbers, unfavourable numbers, thus helping you better understand the meaning of your numbers and their influence on your life.

Expert Guidance: When you consult him for numerology reading, he calculates your psychic number/birth number and destiny number/ life path number, and based on these number calculations and compatibility checks, he guides you regarding the best-suited career option, right time for investment, lucky mobile number to use, etc. thus allowing you to make right decisions in your life.

Get Solutions to Your Problems: You can avail numerology solutions to your life problems by Dr. J C Chaudhry regarding business, marriage, career, health, personal, etc. He deeply examines your numbers and the numbers of your partner (if required), conducts compatibility checks, and then suggests solutions to the problem. For example, he may suggest a name correction or name change to form a harmonious planet to attract luck.

Know About Your Life Challenges and Opportunities: Through the study of your numbers, Dr. J C Chaudhry can predict the good and bad periods of your life so that you can avoid doing important work during your low periods to avoid failures. Thus, a numerology report by him can forewarn you so that you can be forearmed.

Get Remedies for Improved Lifestyle: Every date of birth has a missing number(s) and repeated number(s). Based on your Lo Shu Grid chart, he suggests remedies for missing and repeated numbers to reduce the negative influence and to maximise the positive vibes. He may also give you some tips from his experience for leading an improved and motivated life.

The numbers are the building blocks of our lives. Every event of life is connected to numbers. Therefore, it is important to understand what your numbers mean and how they affect your life. A number analysis by Dr. J C Chaudhry will help you discover the power of numbers and their miraculous effects on your life.


1) How to consult Dr. J C Chaudhry?

Ans: You can book an appointment with Dr. J C Chaudhry for a numerology consultation via this link: https://www.jcchaudhry.com/numerology/signup. He provides online and face-to-face consultations. Alternatively, you can ask him a question and get a numerology solution in your email. Visit this link: https://www.jcchaudhry.com/ask-your-question

2) How many years of experience does Dr. J C Chaudhry have?

Ans: Dr. J C Chaudhry has 39+ years of experience in numerology. Many eminent personalities from across the world have benefitted from his numerology expertise.

3) Does he provide free numerology reading?

Ans: He conducts free Live Sessions where lucky winners selected on a random basis get a free consultation. The winners participate in a Live chat where he answers their questions for free and provides numerology solutions.

4) What does Dr. J C Chaudhry tell in personal reading?

Ans: If you take a personal numerology reading from Dr. J C Chaudhry, he calculates your Name number, Psychic number, and Destiny number based on which he answers your queries. He also gives remedies for lifestyle betterment.

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