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Mr. J C Chaudhry, one of the top Numerologists of India wins the first-ever Guinness World Record in Numerology on January 1, 2022

  • Published 11 Jan 2022
  • Last Updated 11 Jan 2022
  • Read Time 2 mins

We are glad to share the news with all of you! 

After the successful launch of the Indian Institute of Numerology (IIN) and the International Numerology Forum (INF), Mr. J C Chaudhry has achieved another milestone in the field Numerology. He has been honoured with the first-ever Guinness World Record for the most viewers on his YouTube LIVE Session on Numerology on 1st January 2022. 

J C Chaudhry honoured with Guinness World Record in Numerology

Chaudhry Nummero Pvt. Ltd. (CNPL) and the Indian Institute of Numerology (IIN) initiated a YouTube LIVE Session by J C Chaudhry on Power of Name on 1st January 2022. The aim was to create awareness about this miraculous ancient science and how it enhances human life. 

Guinness World Record Numerology-- J C Chaudhry

Many reputed news and media sites covered this Guinness World Record in Numerology. Below are the snippets of the news shared by them. Read the full story by clicking the link

Coverage by Hindustan Times: 
JC Chaudhry achieves the first Guinness World Record on Numerology, first of 2022

Hindustan Times Coverage

Coverage by ANI News:
JC Chaudhry achieves the First Guinness World Record on Numerology, first of 2022

ANI Media coverage

Coverage by The Hans India: 
JC Chaudhry Holds The Guinness World Record For Teaching Numerology To Nearly 6000 Individuals

The Hans Media Coverage

Coverage by The Digital Journal: 
The first-ever Guinness World Record on Numerology achieved by JC Chaudhry, India

Digital Journal Media Coverage

Coverage by The Print:
JC Chaudhry achieves the First Guinness World Record on Numerology, first of 2022

The Print Media Coverage

Coverage by the Apn News: 
Renowned Numerologist Mr J.C. Chaudhry conferred with Guinness World Record- 2022 for the most viewers of a live session on Numerology 

The APN Media coverage

Guinness World Record coverage of Mr. J C Chaudhry on other news sites: 

1) Coverage by the International News and View Corporation: 

2) Coverage by the Apeksha Sandesh: 

3) Coverage by the BusinessNewsThisWeek: 

4) Coverage by the Newsstrike: 

5) Coverage by the Digital Media 9: 

6) Coverage by the Content Media Solution:

7) Coverage by the FM. Live.in:

8) Coverage by the Online Media Cafe:

9) Coverage by the Global Prime News:

10) Coverage by the Media Bulletins:

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