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Numerology and Chakras are the Keys to a Healthy Mind

  • Published 14 Sep 2022
  • Last Updated 05 Feb 2024
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“Health is Wealth” is a famous saying. It means a healthy person is wealthy because health is invaluable for every individual. Only healthy people can work to their full potential and achieve everything they aspire for, including wealth. A person is said to be in good health when both body and mind are doing well. Holistic health is a total of physical and psychological well-being.

In the current times, mental health is deteriorating. Psychological health problems like stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks have become common and affect people of all age groups and gender. The young generation is becoming more vulnerable to these because of the sedentary living life, nuclear families leading to loneliness, exposure to alcohol, and other external factors. The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has worsened the situation. Many people lost their jobs and family members, resulting in depression.

In his 2022 Prediction video , Mr J C Chaudhry, Guinness World Record Numerologist has predicted an increase in depression and suicidal tendencies, especially in the younger generation due to the influence of Numbers where Number 2 is coming thrice in 2022, which is ruled by planet Moon, a fluctuating and weak planet.

How Numerology Is Linked to Mental Health 

Numbers influence life. There are certain numbers as per Numerology that is linked with psychic health. If those numbers are missing from one’s life, a person can suffer from tension, distress, insomnia, mood disorders, overthinking, eating disorders etc. Even blocked energy centres known as Chakras make a person emotionally and mentally weak. 

Missing Number Remedies

Numbers enigmatically influence human life. Numerology is the science to know how numbers affect life. There are 1-9 numbers in numerology, and each number affects life differently. Not all nine numbers are present in everyone’s life. As per Chinese Numerology, Lo Shu Grid missing numbers can impact a person’s life negatively. If Numbers 2, 3, 4, and 9 are missing, the chances of having mental health issues increase. There are remedies for missing numbers that can provide relief. Read the remedies for your missing number numerology numbers 2, 3, 4, and 9 here:  Lo Shu Grid Missing Numbers and Remedies.Activate the Chakras

Chakras are energy wheels in the body regulating the mind and emotions. Chakras should always be open to feel healthy. Blocked chakras result in health problems. The three main chakras responsible for mental health are the Crown, Heart, and Root Chakra. If any one or all the three Chakras are weak, the person is bound to experience health issues. For example, a blockage in the Heart Chakra leads to anxiety, low self-esteem, and stressful relationships.
Steps to open the blocked Chakras: 

•    Practice Meditation to harmonize the Chakras. Watch this meditation video by J C Chaudhry to learn how to cleanse and balance your chakras: 

Meditation Series: 7 Chakra Functioning and Balancing

•    Practice yoga and breathing exercises for Chakras to balance them.

Poor mental health affects physical health as well as relationships. A person suffering from tension, trauma, and depression experiences suicidal thoughts, distances themselves from family, eats too much or too little, etc. Severe mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, dementia, parkinson, etc. can take a toll on life. Medical aid surely helps. But, the knowledge of Chakras and missing number remedies can benefit the sufferer in the long run. The ideal way of living a fruitful life is to take care of both psychological and physical health. With the help of Numerology and Chakras, make way for a balanced life.


You can consult Mr J C Chaudhry, one of the best Numerologists in the world for your Lo Shu Grid chart reading and analysis. 

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