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Numerology Can Solve Your Marriage Problems

  • Published 21 Jun 2023
  • Last Updated 28 Mar 2024
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Happy marriages bloom into eternal bonds. Certain ups and downs are a part of every marriage relationship. However, constant troubles and disputes can strain the peace and love in one’s relationship. In the absence of timely action, the differences could worsen over time, leading to grave consequences, such as divorce.

It is possible to have a harmonious wedding through numerology for couples struggling in their marriage. Numbers play a pivotal role in the relationship between the two partners, and numerology identifies the reasons for disharmony and suggests remedies accordingly.

Marriage Problems Numerology Can Solve

Compatibility Issues:

Compatibility increases harmony in a marriage/ relationship. Therefore, it is said that two compatible people should marry each other for a fruitful wedding and life. If in a marriage, husband, and wife are constantly struggling to live happily together, they may have compatibility issues. A marriage compatibility numerology consultation will reveal whether they are compatible or not. If their numerology numbers are not in harmony, that implies the husband and wife are not compatible with each other. The numerologist will also suggest remedial measures such as name correction for partners to make their numbers vibrate in harmony with each other and increase compatibility.

Check partner compatibility with numerology

Problems with In-Laws:

A marriage brings not only two people together but also two families. Sometimes, due to problems with the in-laws, a couple may experience trouble in their paradise. Numerology guidance can help a couple know the reason for friction with their in-laws. It could be due to an incompatibility between their numbers or any other reason. Numerology for marriage can help in identifying the real reason and corrective measures for harmony.

Numerology and after marriage problems

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Financial Worries:

 Financial constraints can be a cause of worry and create obstacles to a happy marriage. It could be that the husband was doing financially well before the marriage but afterward started facing financial drain, or a couple faces major losses in a business leading to money problems, etc. Relationship numerology can help a couple address the real cause of financial problems, the best time to invest, etc., thus helping them manage their finances better and bringing stability to their relationship.

Numerology for success and money

Unhappiness in Marriage:

Every couple hopes and dreams of a perfect marriage. If any of them is unhappy after marriage, it negatively impacts the relationship Marriage numerology numbers can guide you to the real reason for the dissatisfaction. It could be that the house in which the girl has moved is unlucky, the change of surname is not suitable, etc., leading to disharmony.

how to make marriage life happy with numerology


A family is complete with the birth of a child. The arrival of a child is the biggest blessing for the couple. The inability to experience the joy of parenthood can make a relationship stressful. Numerology consultation can assist the couple on the journey of parenthood with the power of numbers.

Numerology can help with child issues


1. How can a numerologist help solve marriage problems?

Ans: A numerologist checks your and your partner’s numbers for compatibility. By analysing the numbers, a numerologist can identify the cause of disharmony in the marriage and suggests remedies accordingly such as name correction.

2. What is marriage numerology?

Ans: Marriage numerology is a way to find compatible partners for successful relationships. Marriage numerology also helps married couples solve their problems such as disharmony, incompatibility, problems with in-laws, etc., and maintain peace in their marriage.

3. Can numerology also find auspicious marriage dates? 

Ans: Yes, numerology can help you find the lucky date of marriage. A numerologist can suggest lucky dates for marriage based on your and your partner’s numbers.

4. Can numerology predict divorce?

Ans: Numerology can suggest incompatibility between couples if their numbers do not vibrate harmoniously but cannot predict divorce. However, with the help of a numerologist, you can make your marriage harmonious and avoid chances of divorce.

Marriage is a beautiful relationship to cherish. You may consult Dr. J C Chaudhry for numerology solutions for marriage problems to maintain harmony in relationships.

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