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The wait is over! Mr J C Chaudhry shares his 2022 predictions

  • Published 21 Dec 2021
  • Last Updated 22 Dec 2021
  • Read Time 1 min

Mr J C Chaudhry has predicted that the year 2022 will be better than the previous 2021 year.

2022 has Number 2 three times. Number 2 is ruled by the planet Moon, which is a weak planet. 

The total of 2022 is 6. Number 6 is Venus, the planet of beauty and wealth. 

Due to the influence of Number 6 and Number 2 in 2022, the year will be both progressive and depressive. 

Know-How The Year 2022 will be for India

India’s Number is 3, and the Number of 2022 is 6. Number (3) and Number (6) are friendly to each other. Therefore, 2022 will be lucky for India. 

• 2022 will be the year of growth and prosperity for India.

• Number 6 is of finance; due to its influence, the banking sector will perform better.

• Other economic sectors like online business, healthcare will also perform better this year.

• The entertainment industry will witness a boom this year. It will be a lucky year for actors and actresses.

    Why this Year will be Challenging for People

    6 and 2 are the Numbers of 2022. Number 2 is a fluctuating number; hence people will face challenges in life. 

    • The young generation can suffer from mental health problems like depression.

    • People will be emotionally weak in this particular year.

    • The year is of family gatherings. The presence of closed ones will help in strengthening relationships and a harmonious environment.

      Valuable Tip For 2022

      Mr J C Chaudhry advises engaging children in physical activities like yoga and keeping them motivated so that they do not think of harming themselves. Try to keep yourself as busy as you can to avoid any negative thoughts. 

      So, this is how the year 2022 can be for you and India as per Mr J C Chaudhry’s numerological prediction. He has just stated the possibilities.

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