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Lucky Brand Name Numerology

A lucky name for business to attract more clients, increase profits, and improve ROI.

Dr J C Chaudhry brand name numerology

Business Name by Numerology

The identity of a brand, business, or company is established by its name. Successful brands across the globe are acknowledged by their names. Hence, the importance of a business name in creating brand value cannot be undermined. Numerology can assist entrepreneurs in selecting a compatible brand name that brings fortune and prosperity to the owner(s).

What is a Lucky Business Name?

A compatible business name is known as a "lucky brand name." A favourable company name vibrates with positive energy and creates a harmonious aura for the entrepreneur, attracting good luck. A lucky name for the brand is one of the significant numerology parameters for entrepreneurial growth and success.


Find the lucky name for your brand. Consult Dr. J C Chaudhry for lucky brand name suggestions

How to Find Brand NameCompatibility?

To find brand name compatibility, match the vibration of the brand name with the Name Number and Destiny Number (Life Path Number) of the owner and partners.

For example, let’s say that Rakesh Singh is the owner of the brand “Kid Zone.” The Date of Birth of Rakesh Singh is 11-5-1991.

Brand Name Number Calculation

K I D     Z O N E
2 1 4      7  7  5 5
= 7        = 24 = 6
= 13
= 4   

Name Number Calculation

R A K E S H      S I N G H
2 1 2 5 3 5          3 1  5  3  5
=18                    = 17
= 9                     =8
  = 17
 = 8

Destiny Number / Life Path Number Calculation

Date of Birth: 11-5-1991
(DD+MM+YYY): 2 (1+1) + 5 + 2 (1+9+9+1 = 20= 2) = 9

Brand Name Compatibility Result

1) Brand Name Number (4) and Name Number of Rakesh Singh (8) are unfriendly to each other.

2) Brand Name Number (4) and Destiny Number of Rakesh Singh (9) are friendly to each other.


Since one parameter is unfriendly, Brand Name Kid Zone is not favourable for the owner. Because numbers vibrate anti to each other, he may not get desired success.

Brand Numerology Consultation

Choosing a favourable name for your brand can bring fame to you. Brand name compatibility can help you select a lucky name for you. Book an appointment with Dr. J C Chaudhry for lucky brand name numerology.

Brand Name Correction

If the brand Name Number is unfriendly with the owner's Name Number, Destiny Number/Life Path Number, or both parameters, it means the business name is not lucky for the owner(s). Modifications in the brand name are suggested to make it lucky. Letters are added or removed from the existing brand name to get a Number compatible with the owner(s) numbers.

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