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Expression Number

Expression Number is also known as Personality Number.

How to Calculate Expression Number

What is Expression Number?

Expression number helps to know about a person’s outer personality. Life Expression number indicates a lot about how a person expresses with the external world and projects himself/herself to others.

Numerologists calculate expression number to know about a person’s nature, talents and strengths one is born with and the challenges in an individual’s life.

How to Find Your Expression Number?

Expression number is an important part of the Name of a person. All the constants (b, c, d, f, g…) present in the name and surname are used to find the expression number. 

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What is Expression Number

Expression Number Calculation

Let’s take an example where we will calculate the Expression Number of a girl named Mansi, here M, N, S are the constants present in the name. We will use these consonants for calculations. If she uses her full name, Mansi Seth, we will add the constants used in the surname Seth, which are S, T, H.

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Calculating Expression Number for Mansi Seth

M A N S I     S E T H
M N S           S T H
4 5 3              3 4 5   

12                    12    

= 1+2 = 3         = 1+ 2= 3

The total of the numbers above is 3+3=6

So, the Expression Number of Mansi Seth is 6.

People with Expression Number 6 are family-oriented and welcoming.

Personality Characteristics of Expression Number

After calculating the Expression Number as per the method explained, one is interested in knowing the characteristics of their Expression Numbers. You may find out personality traits of a person based on their Expression Number from the following:

  • People with Expression number 1 are egoistic.
  • They become trendsetters in their lives.
  • They like to be the best in everything they do.
  • They are hungry for appreciation and recognition.
  • Expression Number 2 people are sensitive and emotional.
  • They are patient, loving, and understanding.
  • They like to have groups of friends and be surrounded by people.
  • Expression Number 3 is for fashion and glamour.
  • People with Expression number 3 are charming and witty.
  • They want to become popular in life.
  • They are well-prepared for any challenge in life.
  • They like to do things with planning.
  • People with Expression Number 4 can be trusted with any task.
  • They are down to earth.
  • People live life happily and passionately.
  • Challenges, surprises, and excitement is a part of their life.
  • They like to travel the world and are adventurous by soul.
  • They want to live the best life, full of experiences.
  • Individual’s with Expression Number 6 are loyal.
  • Their Interest lies in home decor or things having sentimental value.
  • Expression Number 7 has an interest in spirituality.
  • They are born with intellectual capabilities.
  • They are meditators.
  • They are philosophical people.
  • They are admirers of quality and fine things.
  • They make loyal partners.
  • They can become a business tycoon.
  • They like to work for the benefit of humanity.
  • Very emotional and connected to people.
  • Expression Number 9 people dream for respect.

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