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Frequently Asked Questions

Numerology is the science of Numbers. It is one of the Predictive Sciences, whose correctness is close to 65% to 70% accuracy. Numerology is to save our time.

Through Numerology you can learnt how to calculate your Psychic Number, Destiny Number & Name Number. Also you can learn the interrelationship among them. You can find out your best period for Investment and which number/s you should prefer and which number/s you should avoid while planning anything about you.

No, Numerology is based upon three factors i.e. Name Number, Date of Birth Number and total of Date Number + Month Number + Year Number.

Destiny numbers of persons might be same but their Destinies may not be same. As it depends upon many other factors such as direction at which Planets are looking the baby at the time of birth or when Zygote formation take place, Place of Birth, Altitude and Latitude of the place.

In Astrology, it is believed that the Planets are not fixed and keep on influencing the subject throughout life. In Numerology it is believed that the Planets are fixed and whatever effect of the planet comes on the child at the time of Birth, it will be permanent. The accuracy level of Astrology is slightly higher as compared to Numerology.

You can improve your life by selecting your favorable dates for any work and avoid unfavorable dates.

A lucky career is decided based on the Destiny Number of the person. Every Destiny number has a list of the best careers to choose from. 

JC Nummerro is the Numerology App, created by Mr. J C Chaudhry for Numerological predications. Chaudhry Nummero Pvt. Ltd. is a numerology and Vastu solutions company, whose Chairman is Mr. J C Chaudhry.

Yes, if somebody wants guidance, we can prescribe Gemstones but not yantras.

Correct Birth time and Birth place is required for doing correct Numerological calculation. They are not of much significance but definitely help in reaching to right calculation.

The spelling of name which is popular and people call you will be considered for calculation. If you are using the name written in certificate, then the effect will be of that spelling on you.

Your complete name that is written in your secondary school certificate will be used for the purpose of numerology calculation.

No, every number can be lucky and also be unlucky. They are always related terms. Lucky or unlucky numbers are calculated as per person’s date of birth.

Yes, it will create problem and will take away the happiness of life If vibrational frequencies of partner’s are different.

No, some numbers can help you in making your life easier and some can bring problems, it depends upon the association of numbers with you.

To calculate thoroughly any chart for predication, it requires 1 hour.

Without correct Date of Birth, you can’t do the numerological calculation.

If the name of the baby does not vibrate nicely with his/her Date of Birth, then progress will be slow and there will be frequent hindrances in his/her life.

Yes, it is possible to correct the name, whenever you want. Preferably, it should be done up to the teenage age of the child. 

If the Name of the Business or Firm is vibrating nicely with the Destiny number of the person/partners, then it will be considered as a lucky Business Name. 

Yes, you can consider changing the name of Business. Not only Business Name, but you should also check whether the Place Number (address of the business) is harmonious with Destiny Number or not.

If the Brand Name is lucky, it means the business will grow fast. In such cases, the Business Name should vibrate nicely with the Destiny number of the person/partners.

You will have a smooth and safe drive if the Vehicle Registration number is favorable with your Date of Birth.

The wedding date if selected as per numerology will result in happy married life and if it is done without numerology, then it may or may not be successful.

If your married life is not happy because of your wedding date, then there is hardly anything that can be done.

No, Numerology can predict lucky and unlucky numbers of a person only. 

No, Number 13 is not unlucky. It is a compound number like any other compound number such as 14,18,24, etc.

Your relationship with any other person as per numerology can be understood by looking into the relationship of Planet of your Name Number, Psychic Number, and Destiny Number with that of other people.

For improvement in the business, you should check the vibrational frequency of the Business Name with your Destiny number and the vibrational frequency of the Business Address Number with your Destiny Number.

Numerology can certainly help you to plan better as by the numerology you can know about your favorable and unfavorable period. If you will plan your work in your favorable period, then you will get positive results and in case you start during an unfavorable period, then chances of success will be less.

If you launch your business on the Right Date, on the right Plot Number with the correct Business Name, certainly you can make money,

You can check, whenever you fail, either the period will be unlucky or unfavorable or you have started the work on the wrong date.

Lifestyle depends upon the period through which you are passing. If you are passing through a positive period, then your life will automatically be good and if you are passing through an unfavorable period then your lifestyle may not be good.