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Job & Career Numerology

Job and Career Numerology helps to find out which career option is better for you and helps in identifying a compatible workplace for you.

Job by Date of Birth Numerology

Why Job Numerology?

Getting a good job is a dream of everyone. A good job ensures career stability and satisfaction. If you are happy with the job you are doing, it will bring peace of mind and vice-versa could lead to stress and demotivation. Many job seekers are lucky enough to get a job of their choice and are content with it. However, some doesn’t get the job they want or are unhappy with their current job. Many face problems like:


Loss of job | No permanent job | Frequent change of jobs | No progress in job

Find Your Lucky Company

Have you found your lucky company? or You are still dissatisfied with your job? There can be two reasons of dissatisfaction in the job.


* One; the company and place you are working is not compatible to you.

* Two; when you are not meant to do a particular job. Maybe another career option is more suitable for you.


Wish to work in a company lucky for you? For job and company numerology, consult Dr. J C Chaudhry

Career Options As Per Numerology

Life Path Number, also known as the Destiny number, decides your luck in any career. Based on your Destiny number you may select your career but make sure to have interest in that field as well. Without your interest and hard work, you can’t succeed.

1 Number 1 can do jobs in the Government sector as an IPS, IAS, Public Relation, Politician, Entrepreneur, Major in Army, President, Principal, Production Manager, Program Director.
2 Number 2 can do jobs in Media, Travel Industry, Engineer, Marketing, Communication, Theatre, Export Commission Merchant, Production House, Creativity, Artistic, Diplomacy, Hospitality.
3 Number 3 can do jobs in Teaching Line, Philosopher, Administrator, Civil Service, Artist, Chartered Accountant or any Creative job.
4 Number 4 can do jobs in Architect, Engineer, Technology Expert, Musical Composer, or job in science and technology, farming, cooking.
5 Number 5 can do jobs in Writing, Marketing, Advocate, CEO or job in top management, travel industry, production house.
6 Number 6 can do jobs in Hotel Industry, Politics, Film, Music, Entertainment, Commerce or Law.
7 Number 7 people can do jobs in agriculture, photography, electrical engineering, scientist.
8 Number 8 people can do jobs in the banking sector, advocates, judges, philanthropists, organizers.
9 Number 9 people can do jobs in army, military, politics, electrician, painter, philosopher, Diplomats.

Numerology Compatibility with Company

Once you have landed a job, checking your compatibility with the company can ensure favourable returns such as promotions, higher designation, recognition, and success ahead. You can check your compatibility with a new or your current company with the help of numerology.

    • First, check your name compatibility with the company’s name
    • Secondly, check the compatibility of your Psychic number with the date of joining.

If your Name number is compatible with the Company’s name number and your Psychic number is compatible with the date of joining, the company will be favourable for you to do the job and you may get good returns.

Job Numerology Consultation

Job numerology consultation by Dr. J C Chaudhry helps you to find a compatible company to work for. You may also seek numerology solutions for a good job by booking an appointment with him.

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