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Lo Shu Grid Numerology

Lo Shu Grid is a 3x3 square grid which is the part of Chinese Numerology. A birth chart grid consists of Nine Spaces, each space meant for a number. The date of birth of native will be written in full and spaces filled. The correct placement of all digits in a birth chart is depicted below -

lo shu chinese

This 3 by 3 magic square (as shown in figure) magically adding to ‘15’ when added horizontally or vertically or diagonally is called as the "Lo-Shu Grid" by Chinese Numerologists.

Chart depicting the three marked Horizontal Planes -

Chinese numerology Lo Shu Grid

The higher the numbers in square, the stronger and positive impact it makes on the person.

Mind Plane: This is the topmost horizontal line of the birth chart. The Mind Plane represents the innate thinking capacity of an individual. It reflects the powers of memory, intellect, analyzing capability, and thought.

Soul Plane (Or Spiritual or Emotional Plane): The middle horizontal line of the birth chart is the emotional or the soul plane. It reflects sensitivity, freedom, love, artistic inclination, spiritual independence and intuition.

Practical Plane (or Physical Plane): The bottom horizontal line of the birth chart is the practical plane. This plane represents practical abilities, organizational skills, materialistic abilities, verbal expression and the ability to do physical specially with one's hand.

Every chart also consists of three vertical rows or planes as well. These are the Plane of Order (A), Plane of Determination (B) and the Plane of Action (C).

Chart depicting the three marked Vertical Rows -

Lo Shu Grid


The first vertical row or plane (A) is known as ‘The Line or Plane of Idea and Order’. It is also referred to as ‘The Thought Plane’. It reflects the ability of a person to think about new ideas. It also reflects the person’s love of order and method. This plane is therefore even referred to as ‘The Plane of the Planner’.

The second vertical row or plane (B) is called ‘The Line of Plane of Determination and Will’. This vertical row reflects a person’s determination and will to succeed. It also shows a person’s patience and persistence in realizing his goals.

The third vertical row or Plane (C) is called ‘The Line of Plane of Action’. It revolves around the individual’s ability to put his ideas and ability in action and execute them. This plane is therefore also known as ‘The Plane of Action’ or ‘The Plane of Activity’.

Every Number in an individual’s birth chart conveys a meaning. The main work of any numerologist is to understand the potential created by each number individually and thus the total strength or weakness inherent in a chart. This strength or weakness in a chart (3 × 3 grid) is collectively accumulated by all the numbers present (or missing in the 3 × 3 grid) in any individual’s date of birth.

lo shu western

The higher the numbers in square, the stronger and positive impact it makes on the person.


Representation of the 9 numbers in Lo-Shu Grid

  • Number 1 represents the Water element. 
  • Number 2, 5, 8 represent Earth element.
  • Number 3, 4 represent Wood element.
  • Number 6, 7 represent Metal element.
  • Number 9 represents Fire element.


Lo Shu Grid numbers and their meanings

Number 1 in Lo Shu Grid 

Number 1 is related to career and planning.


Number 2 in Lo Shu Grid 

Number 2 is related to marriage, happiness and initiative.


Number 3 in Lo Shu Grid 

Number 3 is related to Health and Education.


Number 4 in Lo Shu Grid 

Number 4 is related to wealth and prosperity.


Number 5 in Lo Shu Grid 

Number 5 is related to strength, stability and communication. 


Number 6 in Lo Shu Grid 

Number 6 people are helpful by nature, having more friends, foreign contacts, getting new opportunities and Luxury in life.


Number 7 in Lo Shu Grid 

Number 7 is related to mental peace, creativity and children.


Number 8 in Lo Shu Grid 

Number 8 is related to knowledge, prosperity and memory


Number 9 in Lo Shu Grid 

Number 9 is related to name, fame, energy and recognition.


Lo Shu Grid Numerology Predictions

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