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Lo Shu Grid

Lo Shu Grid

Chinese Numerology


Lo Shu Grid Numerology

Lo Shu Grid Numerology

Placements of Digits in Birth Chart

Lo Shu Grid Birth Chart

Placements of Digits in Birth Chart

Lo Shu Grid (Chinese numerology) is a magic square with three vertical and three horizontal lines. Each box in the square is meant for a number. The numbers from the person’s date of birth are filled in the nine spaces of the grid. The 3*3 square grid filled with numbers (as shown in the figure) totals “15” when numbers are added horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.


Horizontal lines or Planes in Lo Shu Grid

Horizontal Planes in Lo Shu Grid
Lo Su Grid Mind Plane - Numbers 4 9 2

Mind or (or Intellectual Plane)

The first horizontal line of the grid is the mind plane. It represents the thinking capabilities of an individual. It is concerned with psychological factors such as memory, concentration and analyzing power.

Lo So Grid Soul Plane - Numbers 3 5 7

Soul or (Spiritual or Emotional Plane)

The second horizontal line of the grid is the soul plane. It denotes feelings, love, emotions, and spiritual inclination. The plane also represents intuitive powers of a person.

Lo-Shu Grid Pratical Plane - Numbers 8 1 6

Practical (or Physical Plane)

The third horizontal line of the grid is the practical plane. It represents practical abilities and mindset. It denotes a person’s verbal expression or the ability to do physical tasks.


Vertical lines or Planes in Lo Shu Grid

Every chart also consists of three vertical rows or planes as well. These are the Plane of Order (A), Plane of Determination (B) and the Plane of Action (C).

Vertical Rows in Lo Shu Grid

Every Number in an individual’s birth chart conveys a meaning. The main work of any numerologist is to understand the potential created by each number individually and thus the total strength or weakness inherent in a chart. This strength or weakness in a chart (3 × 3 grid) is collectively accumulated by all the numbers present (or missing in the 3 × 3 grid) in any individual’s date of birth.

The higher the numbers in square, the stronger and positive impact it makes on the person.

Lo Su Grid First Vertical Row - Numbers 4 3 8

Plane of Thought

The left line of the grid is known as the plane of thought. It reflects the person’s ability to think about new ideas and orderly habits. Therefore, it is also referred to as the Planner Plane.

Lo So Grid Second Vertical Row - Numbers 9 5 1

Plane of Determination or Will

The middle line of the grid is known as the plane of determination. It reflects the person’s will to achieve goals. It represents the individual’s persistence or determination to succeed.

Lo-Shu Grid Third Vertical Row - Numbers 2 7 6

Plane of Action

The right line of the grid is known as the plane of action. The plane refers to a person’s ability to take action and effectively execute one’s thoughts. Therefore, the plane is also referred to as the plane of action or activity.


Representation of the 9 numbers in Lo-Shu Grid


Number 1 represents the Water Element


Number 2,5,8 represent the Earth Element


Number 3,4 represent the Wood Element


Number 6,7 represent the Metal Element


Number 9 represents the FIre Element


Lo Shu Grid Numbers and their meanings


Number 1 is related to career and planning.


Number 2 is related to marriage, happiness and initiative.


Number 3 is related to Health and Education.


Number 4 is related to wealth and prosperity.


Number 5 is related to strength, stability and communication.


Number 6 people are helpful by nature, having more friends, foreign contacts, getting new opportunities and Luxury in life.


Number 7 is related to mental peace, creativity and children.


Number 8 is related to knowledge, prosperity and memory.


Number 9 is related to name, fame, energy and recognition.


Lo Shu Grid Numerology Predictions

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