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Auspicious Marriage Date

By choosing the marriage date as per numerology, the bride and groom can lead a happy married life.

Lucky Date of Marriage as per Numerology

Lucky Marriage Date

Marriage between two persons is a lifelong phenomenon. It’s not like fixing a date to go for dinner or shopping. The vibrations of the date of marriage must match the destiny number of the boy and the girl who is going to get married. There should be harmony in the date of marriage and the destiny numbers of the two persons going to get married. If not, more likely they can face trouble in their married life.

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How to Choose your Marriage Date as per Numerology?

To find the lucky marriage date, you should check the compatibility of the date with the Destiny Number of the couple. If the selected date is friendly with the Destiny Number of the boy and girl, that date would be a lucky date for them to get married.

How to check Marriage Compatibility?

To find compatibility, we will first calculate the Destiny Number of the boy and the girl.

Ramesh Shah’s Details

  • Date of Birth: 17 July 1995
  • Destiny Number: 1+7 +0+7+1+9+9+5= 39=12= 3
  • Psychic Number: 1+7= 8
  • Numerology Representation of Date of Birth: 8/3

Gita Goel’s Details

  • Date of Birth: 21 December 1998
  • Destiny Number: 2+1+1+2+1+9+9+8= 33= 3+3=6
  • Psychic Number: 2+1= 3
  • Numerology representation: 3/6

Compatibility Result

Here the Ramesh’s Destiny Number (3) and Gita’s Destiny Number (6) are compatible with each other, which is a good combination for marriage

Lucky Marriage Date Consultation

As per marriage numerology, the selection of a marriage date also impacts your marriage life. You may consult Dr. J C Chaudhry for lucky marriage date and other marriage numerology suggestions.

Lucky Date of Marriage

Let’s assume, they want to get married on 9th May. So, the Date (9) should be compatible with the Ramesh’s Destiny Number (3) and Gita’s Destiny Number (6).

* Date (9) is compatible with Ramesh’s Destiny Number (3).

* Date (9) is also compatible with Gita’s Destiny Number (6).

So, the date of marriage is compatible with both Destiny Numbers. They can marry happily

* If the date of marriage is not friendly with the boy and girl’s Destiny number, they should not get married on that date.

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