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Name Number Compatibility

Name is the main identity of a person. We recognize famous people by their names, so the name is an important part of numerology. Just like the date of birth compatibility, numerologists also check the name number compatibility of a person. If the name number vibrates in harmony with the date of birth, the name is considered a good or a lucky name for the person.

Lucky Name for You

Sometimes it is said that some people are lucky from their birth. But here actually their name plays an important role. If the name selected by the parents of that person remains in harmony with his date of birth, the person gets lucky from his birth. On the opposite of this, if the name is not in harmony with the date of birth, the person will face a lot of struggles, ups and downs in his whole life. So, in numerology, it is always said that choose your lucky name to make life comfortable and successful with comparatively less struggle.


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What is Name Number?

As per the Chaldean numerology system, each alphabet is assigned a value ranging from 1 to 8. The name number is calculated using the values assigned to each alphabet. We calculate the sum of the numbers and find a single number which is called the Name Number or the Expression Number.

How to Calculate Name Number in Numerology?

For Name Number calculation, let us take one hypothetical example: Name of the Person is Rajesh Kumar Gupta

In the example below, we have assigned some values to each alphabet in the name. In the word Rajesh - the value of R is 2, the value of A is 1, the value of J is 1, the value of E is 5, the value of S is 3 and the value of H is 5. Adding (sum) these numbers will reach to number 17 for which we again add the number 1 + 7 = 8. Similar to this we have calculated the single number of Kumar and Gupta. Once we have the single numbers for all the 3 words, add these 3 numbers to get their single number. This single number will be the Name Number of the person.

2 1 1 5 3 5  2 6 4 1 2    3 6 8 4 1
= 17 = 8     = 15 = 6      = 22 = 4
= 8+6+4 = 18 = 9

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