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A Numerology company in USA, offering business and personal Numerology readings based on numbers.

Numerology in Unites States of America

Numerology in USA

Chaudhry Nummero Infra (New York) Inc. is a Numerology company in USA by famous numerologist by Dr. J C Chaudhry. Chaudhry Nummero is the parent company of Chaudhry Nummero Infra Inc. in the USA. The company is rooted in the belief that numbers govern our lives and have the mystical power to elevate human lives.

Chaudhry Nummero Infra (New York) Inc. serves its clients with professional Numerology services by Dr. J C Chaudhry in different areas of life such as entrepreneurship, relationships, personal, career, etc.

Master Numerologist Dr. J C Chaudhry

Dr. J C Chaudhry is a recognized name in the world of numerology. He is the first-ever numerologist to be honored with the prestigious Guinness World Record in Numerology.


For more than three decades, he has been serving humanity with the best of Numerology services and solutions with the noble objective of enhancing their lifestyle.From celebrated personalities to successful entrepreneurs and other professionals, his clientele involves people from different walks of life and across the globe.


In his 38 years of experience as a numerologist, he has helped several eminent personalities with name correction, guiding them to a path of complete happiness and success. Also, people have immensely benefited from his business numerology solutions, lucky marriage date suggestions, partnership compatibility, etc.


He is fondly known as "Number Man" for his global initiatives to popularize this ancient wisdom of numbers and how numbers can help you to reap the maximum out of the opportunities you have in life.

Numerology Services in USA

Business Numerology

To suggest entrepreneurs lucky brand names, favorable dates for launch of business, check compatibility between partners as per numerology to steer the business towards growth.

Career Numerology

To help individuals find their suitable career option as per their Life Path Number and to check the compatibility of their company.

Marriage Numerology

To find out compatibility between prospect partners, calculate lucky marriage date, etc. to ensure marital bliss.

Relationship Numerology

To check compatibility between people in relationship and help them select the right partner for themselves for healthy relationships in future.

New Born Numerology

To give a newborn a name that is in harmony with the date of birth, find the favorable first letter of the name, attracting luck and success for the baby.

Numerology Audit

An in-depth numerology audit of the company’s top management and employees to know the percentage of lucky and unlucky people in the organization.

Personal Numerology Reading in USA

Get a one-on-one Numerology reading by Dr. J C Chaudhry, one of the top numerologists in the United States, for a life-changing experience.

A Personal Numerology reading by him is an eye-opener, revealing your hidden talents, true purpose in life, and obstacles in your path of success.

The Numerology Report by Dr. J C Chaudhry is a detailed analysis of your numbers and explains the best dates, months, and years to start a business, join a company, get married, etc. It also shows you your lucky colors, missing numbers in your date of birth, and remedies for living an improved lifestyle.

Talk to the Best Numerologist in USA

  Online Consultation

Online Numerology Consultation by Dr. Chaudhry is a virtual meeting round conducted over Zoom. You can interact with him about your queries and get solutions to them. You can benefit from online numerology reading from any part of the country. There are two online consultation slots: 30-minutes and 60 minutes.

 Ask Your Question

Ask Your question from Dr. Chaudhry related to health, motherhood, child, abroad, relationship, job, etc., and get a personalised solution for your problem. The numerology answers by him will be sent directly to your Email Address within a week's time.

Numerology Client Testimonials


Numerology Consultation Testimonial by Siddhant Sahib


Mr. Siddhant Sahib Ji

Our business was not progressing, and therefore we took Numerology consultation from Dr. J C Chaudhry. He told that number of all directors in the company do not match with the name of the company. He changed the name of the company and everything changed.


Numerology Consultation Testimonial by Manoj Kumar

Mr. Manoj Kumar

I and my wife married 5 years ago, and we couldn’t embrace the happiness of having a baby. We tried many treatments, but nothing worked. Then, I consulted Chaudhry Ji, he took our date of birth and time of birth. We did as he advised and were blessed with a baby boy.


Numerology Consultation Testimonial by Harish Gulati

Mr. Harish Gulati

My daughter Yamini Gulati was suffering from Brain Meningitis. She started getting fits. I showed her to many good hospitals across India and got no cure. Then, I met with Dr. J C Chaudhry, and shared my problem with him. He changed my daughter’s name as per Numerology, and after that I have noticed drastic changes in her health. She is perfectly fine now.


Mr. Satissh Balyan

Mr. Satissh Balyan

I met Dr. J C Chaudhry 5 years ago, and afterward, my life has changed. He changed the spellings of my name, and this changing of spellings has changed my life for the better.


Mr. Raja Taneja

I approached Chaudhry sir, to examine my son's numerological chart. He suggested a slight modification to his name, which we implemented. Within a few weeks of changing his name, my son secured admission into a prestigious school, his grades improved significantly, and he is doing well.

Numerology Videos of Famous Numerologist Dr. J C Chaudhry


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Chaudhry Nummero Infra (New York) Inc.

260, Madisson avenue, 8th Floor New York, 10016, USA

Call us on WhatsApp : Call us on WhatsApp Only +91-8130555256, +91-9910673939

Fee Details:

    • Online Consultation: 60 minutes (985 USD) 30 minutes (650 USD)
    • Ask Your Question : 185 USD

Offline Payment Procedure:

  • In case you wish to book an offline appointment, then you can follow these steps since the payment gateway is in process
  • Make payment to Account Number: 4729351022, Swift/IBAN Number: PNCCUS3
  • Send payment confirmation receipt on support@jcchaudhry.com
  • As soon as we hear from our accounts department regarding the payment confirmation, we will send you options for the date and time slot.
  • As per your selection, we will send you the Zoom link to join the meeting on the selected date and time.

Our Global Presence

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