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Personal Numerology reading

Personal Numerology Reading


Numerology Reading for You

Most important person in your life should be you yourself. Our self-worth is the value we give to self. This value is about how we see ourselves and how treat ourselves. If you are continuously struggling despite of hard work, you might be missing out onto something.

Hard work and luck go hand in hand. Nothing is pre-fixed. Everything is subject to change. The only thing required is to have the desire, determination, and the will to change it. You might be working very hard but you need to consider other factors also which affect your success. Numbers play very crucial role in life; Your Psychic Number, Destiny Number and Name Number should always be in harmony. Even these days your email address and phone number has become integral part of your identity. In order to achieve what your heart desires make sure you have everything in sync.

Numerology Compatibility Test

With the help of numerology compatibility test, Dr. J C Chaudhry creates your complete numerology report and explains you the best dates, years, months to start anything new; business, job, family, marriage, etc. You can book appointment for your personal numerology reading report if facing any similar issues given below or anything else you want to ask about yourself.


Common Questions & Queries

  • 1

    I want to check my name numerology, if my name is suitable for me or not?

  • 2

    I am facing a lot of struggle in my life. Do I need a name correction?

  • 3

    My husband has filed a divorce case, but I don’t want to divorce him. Is there any solution for me?

  • 4

    Is our new house not lucky for us? Since when we have shifted here, our child is not keeping well.

  • 5

    I want to know if my new business will be compatible for me or not. I had already started two other businesses and shut them as I went into losses.

  • 6

    I want to know my future reading with numerology. Can you help?

  • 7

    I want to marry with a girl/boy. Please suggest with my numerology reading, if he/she is compatible for me or not.

  • 8

    Which career is best for me as per my numerology report?

  • 9

    I want to become a model/actor. Is this profession compatible for me?

  • 10

    I have a property dispute from the last 3 years. When I can get free from this? Will I get the property or not?


    Personal Compatibility Numerology Services?

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