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Personal Year Numerology

Personal year numerology tells you how the whole year will be for you.

How to Calculate Personal Year Numerology

What is Personal Year Numerology?

Personal year numerology tells you will the year be lucky, average, or unlucky. Personal year calculation is helpful for yearly numerology predictions. Your personal year number can reveal a lot of information about a particular year.

How Personal Year in Numerology Helps You?

The number of your personal year has a particular effect on your personal life. Your year number is useful in making yearly predictions for you. When you know the good and bad, you can plan and prepare accordingly.


To know your personal year number, consult Dr. J C Chaudhry.

How to Calculate Personal Year in Numerology?

Note down the date of birth and month of birth of the person you want to calculate the personal year number. Add the current year number to it, add all the values, and reduce it to a single digit.

For example, there is a person named Sagar Kumar and he was born on 21 October 1981. Let’s calculate his personal year in 2022.

  • Date of Birth : 21
  • Month of Birth: 10
  • Current Year: 2022
  • Total of DOB (21+ 10+ 2022)= 2053= 10= 1

Sagar Kumar’s Personal Year Number for 2022 is 1

How to Check Personal Year Number Compatibility?

To know how the personal year 2022 will be for him, check the relationship of Personal Year number 1 with his Psychic and Name number.

For example, we Calculate Name Number of Sagar Kumar
S A G A R           K U M A R
3 +1+ 3+1 +2     2 +6+ 4+ 1 +2
 =10                      =15
 = 1+0=1             = 1+5=6
 = 1+6=7
Name Number is 7

Next, we calculate his Psychic Number
Birth Date: 21
21= 2+ 1= 3
Psychic Number is 3

Personal Year Number Consultation

Find out your personal year number, its meaning, and impact on your life by consulting Dr. J C Chaudhry. Make informed choices based on your personal year number.

Personal Year Number Compatibility Result

  • Sagar Kumar’s Personal Year number 1 is friendly to his Psychic number 3.
  • Similarly, his personal year number 1 is friendly to his Name number 7.

    So, the year 2022 will be a good year for him to progress in life.

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