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Relationship Numerology reading

Relationship Compatibility Numerology


Relationship Compatibility Test by Dr. J C Chaudhry

Relationship problems are not uncommon. People experience failed relationships for numerous reasons, one of which is compatibility issues. When the number of partners does not vibrate harmoniously, couples suffer from relationship compatibility issues. For example, if a number 2 person is in a relationship with a number 5 person, they can experience incompatibility in the relationship because number 2 and number 5 are not friendly to each other. Similarly, numerology compatibility can be checked between business partners, mother-daughter-in-law relationships, parent-child relationships, or any other relationship or association.

Relationship numerology can help people select for themselves compatible partners for marriage or business, helping them have a stronger bond. Also, checking number compatibility ensures people make the right choices, minimises discord, and maximises happiness in human relationships.

Below, we have listed a few questions and queries that people have in mind related to relationship compatibility. If you have similar queries in mind, book a consultation with Dr. J. C. Chaudhry for numerology solutions and remedies for compatible relationships.


Common Questions & Queries

  • 1

    Why so many breakups in my life and I am not able to a find good relationship?

  • 2

    Since when I have done partnership with a friend, my business is not growing. Is he not compatible for me?

  • 3

    I am always wondering why my child never listens to me, may be numerology can help me?

  • 4

    Why my parents are always unhappy with me?

  • 5

    Our son is handling our family business now. But he and my husband always have conflicts in business. Why?

  • 6

    My in-laws are rude and unfriendly. Can numerology help me?

  • 7

    My mother in-law tries to turn me and my spouse against each other. Kindly help?

  • 8

    My boss is always unhappy with me. Can numerology help me?

  • 9

    Since when I have joined a new company, I have started health problems. Is this company not good for me?

  • 10

    One of my employees is making losses in new deals. Is he unlucky for me?


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