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Relationship Numerology reading

Relationship Compatibility Numerology


Relationship Compatibility Test by Dr. J C Chaudhry

Why relationships fail or why do couples get separated after some time? Here comes the theory of numerology which gives you the answer to it. When the numbers of one don’t match the numbers of his/her partner, relationship compatibility issues arise.

For example, if you are born on number 1 and marry to a person with number 6, there are chances your relation may fail. Similar to this, relationship compatibility is checked between two business partners, parent child relationship compatibility, compatibility of a daughter-in-law with her mother-in-law, compatibility of an employee with the employer and more.

Below we have listed a few common questions which people usually ask about relationship compatibility. If you also have similar questions or any other, fill up the registration form and Book Appointment with Dr. J C Chaudhry for the right advice about your compatibility with others.


Common Questions & Queries

  • 1

    Why so many breakups in my life and I am not able to a find good relationship?

  • 2

    Since when I have done partnership with a friend, my business is not growing. Is he not compatible for me?

  • 3

    I am always wondering why my child never listens to me, may be numerology can help me?

  • 4

    Why my parents are always unhappy with me?

  • 5

    Our son is handling our family business now. But he and my husband always have conflicts in business. Why?

  • 6

    My in-laws are rude and unfriendly. Can numerology help me?

  • 7

    My mother in-law tries to turn me and my spouse against each other. Kindly help?

  • 8

    My boss is always unhappy with me. Can numerology help me?

  • 9

    Since when I have joined a new company, I have started health problems. Is this company not good for me?

  • 10

    One of my employees is making losses in new deals. Is he unlucky for me?


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