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Residential Vastu

Vastu for home to invite luck, prosperity, and positivity into the living space.

House Vastu Tips by J C Chaudhry

Vastu for Home Architect

The word Vastu means “house or dwelling place.” The underlying root word Vas means to live or reside, and Shastra means the book. So, Vastu Shastra teaches us the fundamentals of living a harmonious life. The sole aim of home Vastu is to balance the five elements and ensure a free flow of positive energies within the building so that the occupants can live a healthy and happy life.

What If Home is Not Built as Per Vastu Shastra?

Much importance is given to the interiors of the home and little to how the structure of the building is built. Is it built keeping in mind the details of the cosmos? If the abode is not built on the Vastu guidelines for home, residents can face poor health, loss in business, conflicts in relationships and other issues. The building becomes malefic, and there is no free flow of energy in the house when home Vastu shastra is ignored during the construction process. Unless there is a free flow of energy in the house, the occupants cannot prosper. Hence, Home Vastu is of paramount importance.

Home Vastu Basics You Should Know

Given below are a few Vastu basics you should keep in mind while planning and designing your home.

Shape of the Plot

The ideal shape of the plot for home is square. Second, to this, rectangular-shaped plot with a length bigger than breadth, say 2:1 respectively is best. Avoid triangular, circular, pentagonal or hexagonal-shaped plots.

Location of House and Favourable Directions

  • Major area of the home should lie in the South-West quadrant with more space in the North and East as compared to the South and West.
  • East-Facing home is good for teachers, philosophers, professors, priests. East facing house is considered auspicious as it receives the sun’s energy in abundance.
  • Home facing North is favourable for those in government positions, leadership roles or administrators.
  • West facing plot Vastu is considered average. Though, it is lucky for one in the businessman/entertainment business.
  • South facing home is favourable for people in the food profession or business organizations.

Home Vastu Muhurata

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are propitious days for home planning and construction. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday should be avoided.

Vastu for your New House

Independent plots for homes are beneficial to the owner and other family members. Follow the home Vastu tips for designing the independent home and experience the strength of all directions. Start the establishment of boundary wall of the independent house from the south-west corner stretching to the south-east and then moving towards the north-west.

Vastu for Rented House

A well-ventilated rented house with an unobstructed flow of light should always be chosen for living. The energized house makes you feel good physically and mentally than an un-energized home.

  • Avoid places close to graveyards, hospitals or restless environments.
  • A rented home with a balcony or verandah on the north or east side is good.
  • A flat on the north or east side of the building is recommended.
  • The owner should try to rent the upper floors.

Vastu & Numerology Consultation

Dr. J C Chaudhry is a well-known Numerology and Vastu specialist with years of experience. He provides Vastu consultation for home, office, and commercial space. He also advises Vastu and Numerology remedies for home and business.

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