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Vastu For Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Vastu Shastra Tips for tension-free sleep and harmony between partners.

Vastu for Bedroom for Married Couples

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house. The principal adult of the home mostly acquires it. Master Bedroom is a place of refuge to rest and relax after a long tiring day. Therefore, Vastu for bedroom considers different determinants to ensure harmony in the house.

Vastu Importance for Master Bedroom

Bedroom Vastu is significant for living a stress-free lifestyle. Vastu for bedroom make sure that the occupant of the master room lives in perfect harmony with the partner. Master bedroom Vastu tips that are important to consider are location, direction, bed placement, colour scheme, electronic gadgets in the room, furniture & decor, etc.

Master Bedroom Vastu Tips

1 The placement of the bed should be such that the occupant’s head is directed towards the South while sleeping. Positioning the head in the North during sleep causes nightmares.
2 Sleeping with Legs in the East brings name and fame. Legs in the West while sleeping is a harbinger of mental peace, and sleeping with legs in the North increases financial prosperity.
3 Place serene pictures, locate flower vases and motivating quotes in the room to enhance positivity. They should be put up in such a manner that your gaze falls on them as soon as you enter the room.
4 According to Vastu, clutter hinders future progress and disturbs the subconscious mind. Keep the bed and room neat and tidy.
5 The Vastu direction for the dressing table in the room is East or North.
6 Never place aquariums or God idols in the bedroom. Vastu doesn't consider it auspicious.
7 The material of the bed and fabric of the bedsheet is also significant as per Vastu Shastra for bedroom. The bed should be made of wood and not metal. Metal produces negative energy causing a disturbance in sleep. The fabric of the bedsheet should be cotton, linen or silk.
8 Keep the valuables or money in the North quadrant of the room. Kubera, the God of Wealth, guards North corner.

Master Bedroom Vastu Location

The Southwest corner of the home is the best location for the bedroom, as per Vastu. If not the Southwest, you can have your master bedroom in the North quadrant of the house. But Southeast or Northwest location is not recommended for the bedroom.

Most Suitable Bedroom Vastu Direction

The ideal Vastu direction for Master Bedroom is the South direction. Other bedrooms in the house can be constructed on the east and north side of the Master Bedroom.

Vastu Colours For Bedroom

Vastu colours ideal for the bedroom are pastel shades of blue, off-white and green. Refrain from painting your bedroom in dark colours like black or excessively bright shades such as bright yellow. You should avoid yellow and white coloured marbles in the master bedroom.

Vastu Remedies for Master Bedroom

If your Bedroom is not in the right location, means if it is in the Northwest or Southeast, there are a few Vastu Remedies you can apply to reduce the effect.

  • If your Master bedroom is in the Northwest corner of the home, install a Vastu Pyramid in the corner as a Vastu remedy.
  • For your master bedroom in the Southeast that cannot be shifted; the Vastu remedy is – Put a bowl of salt/camphor or crystal in the corner.
  • Use aroma oil or any kind of fragrance candles to reduce the effect of bad energies in your bedroom.

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