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Vastu Shastra Expert

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that helps people to live harmoniously with their surroundings. The basic principle of Vastu lies in the free flow of energy throughout the home and creates good vibrations and positive feelings among the inhabitant of the home. It is a scientific theory based on the principles and laws of nature. If followed correctly, people can definitely derive benefits and lead a well-balanced and comfortable life in their homes.

It is often noticed that while purchasing a house, people are lured by the interiors, flooring, modular kitchen, beautiful bathroom fittings, and other facilities. They do not take into account the principles of Vastu. As a result, inspite of having a huge and beautiful house, they do not feel very comfortable or peaceful.

On the contrary, a person with the knowledge of Vastu can live very happily in a home which may be a low cost budget house but is beaming with better energy flow. It is therefore essential that while a person is planning for a home, he/she should at least know the basics of Vastu Shastra to make life comfortable and pleasant.

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