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What is Numerology?

Numerology is the science of numbers. Every number has a different meaning in numerology.

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How Numerology Works?

There are many questions about Numerology like What is Numerology, What is the meaning of Numerology, How Numerology works etc. Numerology is mainly all about numbers. Sometimes many people say, their numbers are not good. But in reality, numbers are not good or bad. They are either compatible or not compatible for a person basis on his date of birth and name.


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Everything About Numerology

To continue with the questions about Numerology, we have tried to answer a few questions below that people mostly ask us.

Is Numerology a Science?
Yes, Numerology is science of numbers. This science tells the meaning of each number and their impact on our day-to-day life.

Is Numerology True or Fake? Or Does Numerology really work?
Numerology is true, but the accuracy of Numerology calculations is 60-70%. Sometimes it is 80% -90% as well in a few cases.

What is a Numerology Reading?

Numerology reading is a detailed process where numerologists check the interrelationship of your numbers with each other. In Numerology, there are different types of numbers which are read and calculated by the numerologists. Numerology numbers include:

  • Psychic Number or Driver Number
  • Destiny Number or Life Path Number
  • Name Number or Expression Number
  • Soul Urge Number or Heart Desire Number
  • Master Number
  • Karmic Debt Number

Numerology Consultation

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What are the Benefits of Numerology?

Numerology helps to know the strengths and weaknesses of a person. There are many other ways where numerology helps and work for the betterment in life of people. Like checking your relationship compatibility, suggesting the right career, predicting a lucky name for the child, and many solutions related to your job and business predictions.

How to Know your Future by Numerology?

Numerology helps in predicting your future using your numbers. On the basis of your date of birth, a numerologist will calculate your friendly or unfriendly numbers and planets. Your friendly numbers decide your lucky time in future, this can be your lucky day, lucky month, lucky year, a lucky marriage or a business partner and much more

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