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About Yourself: Check Personal Compatibility with JC Nummerro App

  • Published 27 Jan 2021
  • Last Updated 09 Feb 2024
  • Read Time 2 mins

Numerology is the science of numbers and Mr. J C Chaudhry who has read and understood this science and practising numerology for the last 38 years, has launched his numerology App for android and iPhone that provides you with numerology predictions. 

This Free numerology App is called “JC Nummerro App

You can download the app on Google Play Store and App Store for Android and IOS users, respectively

The app is ranked as one of the best numerology apps and provides your Personal Numerology Predictions.

Numerology Predictions About Yourself

Go to the yourself section in the App numerology to check compatibility with yourself. Based on your date of birth, this app will show your:

  1. Psychic/Driver Number (once you click on the “About Yourself” button on bottom, it will tell you about your characteristics based on the Psychic number)
  2. Destiny/Conductor Number
  3. Name Number

Check your compatibility with name, date of birth

About Yourself section tells you other 8 important things about you: 

  1. Your ruling planet
  2. Relationship between your Psychic number and Driver number (friendly or not)
  3. Your Lucky day
  4. Your Lucky colour
  5. Lucky dates for you (1st best option)
  6. Lucky dates for you (2st best option)
  7. Dates to avoid
  8. And your Lucky years

Destiny number and relationship

Best Years for Investment
Best years for investment shows you the years which are lucky for you to make any investment, buying home or any real estate property.

best year for investment - JC Nummerro App

Daywise Colour of Clothes
This section shows you the colours to wear every day from Monday to Sunday. Basically your lucky colours that you should wear for your good luck on that particular day if going for an interview, for a new business deal, buying any new property etc.

lucky colour for clothes - JC Nummerro App

Daywise Colour of Fruit
Daywise colour of fruit section will show you the 4-5 options of fruits and vegetables for everyday that are compatible for you, based on every day colour for you. 

Day wise colour of fruit

Your Lucky Gemstone

  1. Your lucky gemstone is selected based on your date of birth. So, this section will tell you about 
  2. Your lucky gemstone
  3. Weight of the gemstone
  4. Best day to wear the gemstone
  5. Time to wear the gemstone
  6. Finger on which you should wear the gemstone
  7. Procedure of wearing the gemstone
  8. Metal to use to make the ring

Karmic Dept
Karmic Dept is connected with your karmas. If you have done some wrong deeds in your previous life, Karmic Dept will be applicable on you and you will see the effects of it in this life. In Karmic Dept section, you can check if Karmic Dept is applicable on you or not. 

Karmic Dept - JC Nummerro App

Most Favourable Alphabet    
Most favourable alphabets section will tell you the lucky alphabets for you. 

Lucky Zone in the City
Enter any city name in this field, for example “Bangalore”. It will tell you the lucky zones of this city for you. 

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