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Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen to please the Annapurna Devi (Goddess of food and nutrition).

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen in the House

A kitchen is an important place in the home. It is the source of food and nutrition as meals are cooked in the kitchen. For the females and food lovers, it is their favourite place. Therefore, there should be a proper kitchen in the home to attract positive vibes.

Kitchen Vastu Significance

Food is a source of Prana that sustains the body. Healthy and nutritious food makes the body and mind salubrious. Food is prepared in the kitchen, so, the vibrations of the kitchen directly impacts health. Kitchen Vastu Shastra emphasises proper location,direction, placement of gadgets, colours of the kitchen for striking a balance between the five elements for positive energies.

Kitchen Vastu Tips

1 Fire and water repel each other. Do not construct a sink/tap very close to the cooking range/stove. If they are close to each other, separate them with a wall surface or board.
2 The stove should not be visible from the outside. It can cause digestion problems to the family members. The gas stove should be located in the south-east corner of the kitchen, a few centimeters away from the wall.
3 How you store things in the kitchen is important. Vastu Shastra tips for kitchen suggests storing grains, pulses, spices, and edible items in the Southern or western area and light commodities in the Northeast side of the kitchen. Keep the North and East side empty.
4 Kitchen should never be below the staircase or near to the washroom/toilet. These locations attract negative energies.
5 Place electrical appliances at their correct place. According to Vastu Shastra, the refrigerator inside the kitchen should be in the Southwest direction, exhaust fan on the walls in the Eastern wall in the Southeast corner. Other appliances like mixer, microwave in the Southeast corner.
6 If you have big and small windows in the Kitchen, bigger ones should be in the East direction and smaller ones in the South direction.
7 Kitchen should always be well lit and ventilated.
8 Food is associated with wealth and abundance in Vastu. Keep your fridge well-stocked all the time. Discard rotten food to ensure the free flow of prana in the space.

Ideal Kitchen Vastu Location

South East is the quadrant of Aagneya (Agni–Fire). The ideal location for a kitchen is the South-East corner of the home. North West quadrant is the second-best alternative for the Kitchen. North West corner represents Vaayavya (Vaayu– Air) element.

Cooking Vastu Direction

East is the favourable direction for cooking. One should face East while cooking, and the back should not be towards the door. East direction is auspicious in Vastu Shastra.

Kitchen Vastu Colour

Avoid black coloured walls in the Kitchen. You can choose yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red coloured walls and floor.

Vastu Remedies for Kitchen

Kitchen Vastu Remedies act as an excellent alternative to correct the imbalance that is present in the kitchen or if the location of the kitchen is not in the South East corner.

  • One, If the Kitchen is in the North West, the water element will dampen the energy of fire, the dominant element in the Kitchen. Strengthen the fire element by placing spices and pickles on the shelves on this side.
  • Two, If the Kitchen is in South West, prepared food will lack the energy. You can have warm coloured walls or decor in the kitchen to mitigate the effect. Think of terracotta slabs or displaying orange and lemons in the bowl.
  • Three, Kitchen in the North-East is not considered auspicious. It can create a disturbance among the family members. Use metal and stone utensils to protect the fire element.

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