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Nature, The Best Cure

Nature, The Best Cure book is your home Doctor. This book brings you all the Daadi, Naani home remedies for a healthy living and a better health. If you are suffering from any of the diseases and illness like diabetes, joint problems, arthritis, constipation, heart issues, migraine, weight loss, bones health, skin health, low vision/eyesight, blood pressure etc., then this book can prove to be your best friend.

This book with 127 pages, explains 35 herbs and spices with their health benefits, dosage, methods to use and side effects (if consumed in large quantity).

Home remedies covered in the book for:

1.    Ajwain (Carom Seeds)

19. Almonds

  1. Amla

20. Banana (Green)

  1. Banana (Yellow)

21. Beetroot

  1. Bitter Gourd

22. Cabbage

  1. Carrots

23. Clove

  1. Fig (Anjeer)

24. Flax Seeds

  1. Garlic

25. Ginger

  1. Honey

26. Isabgol

  1. Jaggery

27. Jamun (Black Plum)

  1. Kalonji

28. Lady Finger (Okra)

  1. Lemon

29. Meethi (Fenugreek)

  1. Neem

30. Olives

  1. Onion

31. Orange

  1. Radish

32. Spinach

  1. Taro Root

33. Tulsi

  1. Turmeric

34. Walnut

  1. Black Pepper

35. Green Cardamom

  1. Rasbhari