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Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 8

If Number 8 is missing from the Lo Shu Grid, the positive features are not seen in the person.

Remedies for Missing Number 8 - Lo Shu Grid Numerology

Number 8 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 8 represents the Earth element and lies in the North East of the Lo Shu Grid. Number 8 is ruled by Saturn. It relates to fame and justice. If this Number is missing in your Lo Shu Grid chart, you can face several ups and downs in life.



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Missing Number 8 in Lo Shu Grid

Missing Numbers in Lu Shu Grid impacts a person’s life in different ways.

  • They don't get any ancestors' property.  
  • The person with Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 8 has endless problems in every area of life.
  • Due to Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 8, the wealth and decision-making power of the person decreases.
  • They are unable to handle their financial matters properly. They become careless and overly trustworthy in terms of money and hence suffer.
  • People who do not have Number 8 in their Lo Shu Grid chart lack the motivation to do work and, as a result, leave the tasks unfinished.

Missing Number 8 Remedies

One cannot remove the negative impact of Missing Number 8 in Lo Shu Grid completely. But, Missing Number remedies help lower the adverse effects of Missing Number 8.

  • Since Number 8 lies in the North-East of Lou Shu Grid, keep a Kalash of water and crystal in this direction.
  • Donate salty foods to those in need to make up for Missing Number 8.
  • Avoid eating non-veg food on Saturday. Fasting on this day is recommended.

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Lo Shu Grid Repeat Number 8

Repetition of Number 8 in the Lo Shu Grid chart will have both negative and positive impacts. Number 8 can occur twice, thrice, four times, or even more in the Lo Shu Grid. Based upon its occurrence, it affects the person’s life.

  • If Number 8 is coming twice in Lo Shu Grid, the person becomes stubborn and learns lessons from their own experiences.
  • If Number 8 is coming thrice in Lo Shu Grid, the person is inclined towards worldly pleasures and likes to buy everything that gives them happiness. They progress after the age of 40.
  • If Number 8 is coming four or more times in Lo Shu Grid, they have to face life changes. Their growth is accelerated.

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