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Dr. J C Chaudhry

Motivational Speaker



National and International awards received by Dr. J C Chaudhry

Hard work and success motivation - Awards Dr. JC Chaudhry

Entrepreneurship Award 2020

Motivational Speaker Award

Hall of Fame 2014’

Dr. J. C. Chaudhry Motivational Awards

Vasundhara Ratan Award of Excellence 2013


Motivation for Students and Entrepreneurs

Dr. J C Chaudhry has been instrumental in motivating lakhs of students and shaping their future career. With an aim to infuse confidence in students, he has been delivering motivational lectures through seminars and also through his YouTube channel. Through his motivational videos, he has been inspiring the masses and helping them see the world from a new perspective. In addition, he has been actively providing students with positive guidance and a sense of direction through his motivational seminars. These seminars are conducted across the length and breadth of the country and are attended by both students and the parents in large numbers. Even professionals have benefitted and gained an extra edge in their career after listening to his motivational speeches.



Best Motivational Playlists on YouTube by Dr. J C Chaudhry to find you a better life path.

Parent Child Motivation

Motivational Seminars

Addressing students for a career path

Seminar for Parents - Best Motivation Speak

Life Mantras

Life motivation and inspiration videos

Zeal for Exceptional Performance - Best Motivation by Dr. J C Chaudhry

Motivation for Success

Life changing success mantras

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Motivation for You

Videos by Dr. J C Chaudhry