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Vastu For Living Room

Living Room Vastu for fostering healthy relationships and spreading positive energy in the home.

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Home Drawing Room

The living room or drawing room is the centre of attraction. Family members like to spend a lovely time here. It is an important corner of the home as guests are entertained in this room. The spacious and modern drawing room appeals to the eyes and soul. But, drawing room Vastu ensures that the members feel positive and happy with their dear and near ones around.

Vastu For Drawing Room

Vastu for living room/drawing room is as important as Vastu for the entire house. As per Vastu guidelines, planning and designing the drawing-room will make sure that the living exudes positive energy into the home and brings harmony into relationships. Location, direction, interiors are considered for drawing room Vastu.

Vastu Interior For Living Room Tips

1 A rectangle, square, or round-shaped center table in the southern or western corners of the room is highly recommended. The positioning of furniture should be perfect as per Vastu for proper air circulation in the room.
2 Sofa, chairs and bookshelves are large pieces of furniture. Place them in the Southwest direction of the room. The sofa direction as per Vastu is Northwest and chairs can be aligned along the south wall.
3 Electrical pieces of equipment such as LED T.V., Stereo system represent the fire element. Place them in a cabinet or showcase made from glass, metal or stone. Television and other electrical appliances should be kept in the Southeast direction.
4 On the sides of the television, pictures of family members and idols of deities can be placed. The viewer will have positive and pure thoughts while watching the TV.
5 Air conditioners or coolers can be fitted in the West or North direction. Avoid Northwest or Southeast direction.
6 Hang pictures of water bodies or fountains from North to East to attract fortune. Paintings depicting flowing water keep the mind calm and should point toward the interior of the house.

Where Should Be Living Room Located

The ideal position of the living room is either in the North, West or Northwest. All the other locations are not considered favourable. If the drawing-room is located elsewhere than the mentioned locations, balance the negative energies by implementing Vastu Remedies for the drawing-room.

Drawing Room Direction As Per Vastu

  • The best hall direction as per Vastu is North.
  • The male and female heads of the house should sit in the southwest corner of the drawing-room with their face pointing towards the East or Northeast direction. These directions bring stability.
  • Make your guests sit in the Northwest or Southeast. They should face South or West direction.

Vastu Colors For Drawing Room Hall

Paint the walls as per Vastu for living room colors, which can be white, yellow, blue or green. Go for light colors over dark colors. Light shades make the room appear bigger, brighten the mood, and foster a feeling of warmth.

Important Vastu Guidelines For Hall Room

  • Keep the hall room/living room/drawing room neat and clean for the free movement of energy.
  • Leave more space towards the eastern and northern corners of the drawing-room.
  • You can install a statue of Buddha or Meditation quotes in the living room. Spend 10-15 minutes daily in meditation for enlightenment. Face east (the direction of the rising Sun) for meditation.

Vastu Remedies For Living Room

If your drawing room is not in the North, West or Northwest, you can inspire the positive qualities of these directions through Vastu Remedies.

  • Suppose the living room is in the Southwest; place a bowl of stones to strengthen the Earth element.
  • Light candles in the Southeast corner of the drawing-room to tranquillize the fire element.
  • For the Northeast, keep the space clean as much as possible to appease Ether.

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