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Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 5

If Number 5 is Missing from Lu Shu Grid, the person will miss the personality traits associated with Number 5, ruled by Mercury.

Remedies for Missing Number 5 - Lo Shu Grid Numerology

Number 5 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 5 is a vital number in the Chinese Lo Shu Grid. It occupies the central position in the Lo Shu Grid chart and represents the Earth Element. Number 5 indicates mental and emotional balance and relates to marketing and business activities. If Number 5 is missing in your chart, it affects your success rate.


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Missing Number 5 in Lo Shu Grid

Missing Numbers in Lo Shu Grid affects a person’s life.

  • The person with Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 5 can suffer from weak memory power.
  • Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 5 leads to more struggle in life.
  • People who do not have Number 5 in their Lo Shu Grid Chart are often unhappy in their personal and professional life.
  • Chances of bankruptcy, and reputation at stake also increase due to Missing number 5.
  • They find it hard to set goals and need constant motivation from others.

Missing Number 5 Remedies

Missing Number 5 in the magic square has a negative impact. One can’t completely remove the effects of Missing Number 5 in Lo Shu Grid but can try these remedies to lessen the harmful effect on life.

  • Give birds green pulses soaked in water overnight and walk barefoot every morning. 
  • To compensate for the Missing Number 5 in Lo Shu Grid, keep Money plant, Tulsi plant or use Quartz crystal.
  • Keep a poster of the solid rocks without water in the centre of the house.

Lo shu grid Numerology Consultation

Number 5 in the Lo shu grid takes the center position. Consult Dr. J C Chaudhry missing number 5 in Lo shu grid numerology solutions.

Lo Shu Grid Repeat Number 5

Repetition of Number 5 in Lo Shu Grid influences a person’s life both positively and negatively. Number 5 can repeat once, twice, thrice, four times, five times in one’s birth chart. Based upon the number of repetitions, it impact’s the person’s life.

  • If Number 5 is coming twice in Lo Shu Grid, positive characteristics like hard-working, self-confidence, high energy levels are seen in people.
  • If Number 5 is coming thrice in Lo Shu Grid, the person takes unnecessary risks and speak without thinking.
  • If Number 5 is coming four or more times in Lo Shu Grid, they become prone to accidents and do activities without thinking that can cause trouble.

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