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You & Your Gems

You and Your Gems Book, Types of Gemstones, their use & Benefits. Relationship of Gems with Human Body

Gemstones have a great significance in numerology and astrology. Each gemstone belongs to a particular planet and carries a vibration and effect with itself. What if, we know the best for us and also the worse for us. We will have a winning situation mostly. This book explains different gemstones, their origin and their relationship with the human body. 

  • The Organic Gems
  • Precious and Semi-Precious Gems
  • Varieties of Gems
  • Properties of Gems
  • How Gems are made
  • The Planets & their Gemstones
  • How to use Gemstones
  • Healing Power of Gemstones
  • Diseases & Gems Recommended
  • Gems for Old Age Disease
  • Effects of Colours