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Books Authored by J C Chaudhry

Eminent Author

A spectacular experience of 38 years in the field of Numerology compelled Mr. J C Chaudhry to encapsulate his wide knowledge for the benefit of the common man. His books ‘Advanced Numerology and Prractical Numerology’ uncover the power of numbers and how they can help shape the destiny of people. Must-read books for those who wish to know about the best time/period to plan their future in a better way.

Other than Numerology, he has also written various books such as:

  1. ABC of Vastu Shastra
  2. Fundamentals Of Vastu
  3. Meditaion & Subconscious Mind
  4. Chakras
  5. Mudra: Healthy Life at Your Fingertips
  6. Nature: The Best Cure 
  7. I think: Poverty is no bar for Success 
  8. Success A few Steps Away
  9. Rungs Of the Ladder
  10. You and Your Gems

Books by J C Chaudhry

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