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Mobile Number Numerology

Find your Lucky Mobile Number and keep your day organized with the help of Numerology

Mobile Number Compatibility with Date of Birth

What is Mobile Numerology?

Mobile phone is the need of the hour. Without mobile phone, life looks incomplete. Day or night, at home, office, shopping or outing your mobile is always with you. Mobile has also become a status symbol now. Usually, people spend a lot of money on their mobile phones. But what if you buy an expensive mobile but your mobile number is not lucky for you?

Mobile Number Compatibility

A mobile number which is in harmony of your numbers can bring a good luck for you. So, the selection of a right mobile number is important. Here comes the role of the Mobile Numerology. Numerology helps you find a suitable number compatible to your date of birth and name. With the help of the mobile number numerology, you can check the compatibility of your current mobile number and also if you buy a new number.

How to Choose Mobile Number as per Numerology?

For a friendly mobile number; The four important things that you should check when you buy a new mobile number for you.

  • One, the mobile number should not end with Zero.
  • Two, the mobile number should have a less number of Zeros in it. If possible, try to avoid a number with zero.
  • Three, the mobile number should be friendly to your Psychic number. It is considered good/lucky mobile number.
  • Four, the mobile number that is in harmony with your Name number as well is said to be very lucky.

How to Check Mobile Number Compatibility?

To find out the compatibility of your mobile number with yourself, you must know your Psychic and Name number. A mobile number is considered compatible if it is friendly with the person’s Psychic number and Name number.

Psychic number is the single number of the total of the birth date. For example, if your birth date/birthday is on 17th June then your Psychic number is 1+7=8

Next, calculate your Name Number. Each alphabet is assigned a numeric value as per Chaldean Numerology. Calculate the values of your Name alphabets and find out its single number. Refer to the Name Number Numerology for more information on Lucky Name. 

For example, we Calculate Name Number of Keshaw Gupta
1 5 3 5 1 6 3 6 8 4 1
=22 =22
= 2+2=4 = 2+2=4
= 4+4=8

Name Number is 8

Next, we will reduce the Mobile Number to single number:
9+8+1+9+1+2+3+0+4+5 =42 = 6 (4+2)

Mobile Number value: 6

Mobile Number Compatibility Result

  • The Psychic number 8 is friendly with the mobile number 6.
  • The Name number 8 is also friendly with the mobile number 6.
  • Mobile number has only one “zero” in it
  • The mobile number doesn’t have “zero” at the end
So overall, all the 4 conditions are in favour. So, this mobile number is compatible with Keshaw Gupta.

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