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Chaldean Numerology Chart

Chaldean numerology is one of the numerology types used for calculations and predictions. The Chaldean numerology chart offers guidance regarding the numerology alphabets and numbers and is extensively used for numerology calculations by numerologists.

Chaldean Numerology Chart

What is Chaldean Numerology?

Numerology is an occult science that explores the mystical world of numbers. There are different types of numerology systems, Chaldean numerology is one of them. Chaldean numerology has its roots in ancient Babylonia. It is a widely used numerology system by numerologists across the world for numerical calculations and predictions. Chaldean numerology assigns number values to alphabets and considers how numbers vibrate with each other to unveil the characteristics, possibilities, and blueprint of life.
Chaldean numerology acts as a comprehensive guide to explore and understand the calculations, affinity between the numbers, and the profound effect of numbers on different areas of your life. The Chaldean numerology provides you an understanding of how numbers work, thereby, allowing you to unlock your destinities.

How Chaldean Numerology Works?

Chaldean numerology analyses the name and date of birth of a person. The full name and the actual date of birth of a person are considered for numerological calculations as per the Chaldean numerology. This system believes that your name number and date of birth numbers carry divine vibrations that can help individuals gain in-depth an understanding of their life. In Chaldean numerology, numbers from 1 to 9 have ruling planets and the best qualities of the ruling planet are visible in the person. It also assigns number values to the alphabets used for name numerology calculations.

Chaldean Name Numerology Calculation

Name numerology helps you unravel your personality. Chaldean numerology helps you calculate name number from the full name of a person. The Chaldean numerology alphabet chart is used for name number calculation.
In name number calculation as per Chaldean numerology involves, writing down the values of each alphabet as per the Chaldean numerology chart. Then, we add up the values until we get a single number, which becomes the name number.
Chaldean Name Numerology Calculation For example, let’s take a hypothetical example where we assume your name to be John Marx.
J O H N      M A R X
1 7 5  5        4 1  2  5
= 18             = 12
= 9                = 3
= 12
= 3

The name number of John Marx as per the Chaldean numerology is 3.

Chaldean Numerology Alphabet Chart

Numerology Numbers for Name

Chaldean Numerology Calculation

Chaldean numerology lists out a relationship number numerology chart, where friendly and unfriendly numbers of 1 to 9 numbers are mentioned. Using the Chaldean numerology chart, one can determine how numbers vibrate with other numbers and the impact of the vibrations on your life. The Chaldean numerology number chart sheds light on the favourable numbers. Using numbers favourable for you can be the source of happiness and success in your life. To calculate numerology numbers from the Chaldean numerology chart, follow these steps:

>>Write down your date of birth on the piece of paper

>>Calculate the psychic number and destiny number

>>Now, match the vibrations of psychic number and destiny number from the Chaldean numerology chart to uncover significant details

For example, let’s say your date of birth is 6/ 2/ 1971

>Psychic number (Birth date number): 6

>Destiny number ( Date + month + year): 6 + 2 + 9 (1+ 9 + 7 +1 = 18) = 17 = 8

>DOB= 6/8

Now, as per the Chaldean numerology chart, your psychic number (6) is friendly with your destiny number (8).

Chaldean Numerology Number Chart

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Chaldean Numerology Number Meaning

Uncover the Meaning and Significance of Chaldean Numerology Numbers. Discover the meaning and significance of Chaldean numerology numbers. Every number in the Chaldean numerology is associated with the best qualities and knowing your personality can help you unlock your greatest potential in every field of your life.

Number 1: The Natural Leader and Innovator: Number 1 is ruled by the Sun. Individuals born under the influence of number 1 act from a strong self-belief, have original ideas, and have a drive to be the best in every field they step or work they take.
Number 2: The Caregiver and Harmoniser: Number 2 is ruled by the Moon. People with number 2 are known to be caring and peace maker. They try to build harmonic aura around themselves by supporting and avoiding clashes with others.
Number 3: The Creative and Expressive Soul: Number 3 is ruled by the Jupiter. Individuals who all have number 3 are highly ambitious in life due to which they like to learn and explore as much as possible. They have good stamina and an urge to live life to the fullest.
Number 4: The Organiser and Practical Person: Number 4 is ruled by the Uranus. Number 4 represents practicality and a realistic mindset. They approach life in a rigid method and are less prone to change. They have earthy wisdom.
Number 5: The Traveller and Explorer: Number 5 is ruled by the Mercury: They are a free spirit who likes to travel, indulge in adventures, and lead a life through learning and rich experiences.
Number 6: The Homemaker and Nourisher: Number 6 is ruled by the Venus: Number 6 embodies the characteristics of a nurturer and homemaker. They excel at handling family situations and relationships in a balanced way. They are magnetic and charming.
Number 7: The Wise and Spiritualist: Number 7 is ruled by the Neptune : Individuals with number 7 are philosophical and secretive. They have a thirst for knowledge and like to spend time in spiritual pursuits.
Number 8: The Determined and Achiever- Number 8 is ruled by the Saturn: Number 8 people are courageous and have a strong desire and willpower to make fortune in life. With their confidence and power, they have to face obstacles in life.
Number 9: The Humanitarian and Idealist- Number 9 is ruled by the Mars: 9 is the number of the idealist who believes in fighting for what they believe in and is right. They gain name and fame and do selfless work for the benefit of others.

Chaldean Numerology Consultation

Chaldean numerology is a popular numerology method for studying the impact of numbers on our lives. Consult Dr. J C Chaudhry, Chaldean numerology specialist to discover the “Power of Your Numbers” through Chaldean numerology calculations and analysis.

JC Nummerro App

Download the JC Nummerro App, available on Android and iOS to read numerology predictions and check numerology numbers as per Chaldean Numerology.
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Characteristics of Initial Letter as per Chaldean Numerology

  • Determined
  • Authoritative
  • Good Leaders
  • Disciplined
  • Hard Working
  • Soft & Kind
  • Friendly
  • Cooperative
  • Good Orators
  • Creative
  • Expressive
  • Joyful
  • Self-Disciplined
  • Secretive
  • Short-Tempered
  • Practical Mindset
  • Versatile
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Entertainers
  • Adaptive Nature
  • Responsible
  • Good Organizers
  • Creative
  • Helpful
  • Cheerful
  • Imaginative & Intuitive
  • Enjoy Work
  • Ambitious
  • Powerful
  • Independent
  • Never Afraid of Problems