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Name Change Numerology

Name change is not for everyone. If your name and date of birth is in harmony with each other, then you don’t need name correction in Numerology.

Name Change by Numerology

Is your Name Lucky?

The combination of your date of birth; means the date when you born, the month and the year is calculated to find your Life Path Number (Destiny Number). If this number is in harmony to your Name number, then your Name will be lucky for you.

When you Need Change Name Numerology?

If your Name number is not compatible with your Life Path Number, only then Numerologists suggest a Name Correction as per Numerology. But it’s not necessary if your name and life path number is not compatible, you need a name change. Sometimes people live a happy and successful life even if these two numbers are not compatible. In this case, they might have a strong compatibility in their other numbers.


Name change is suggested for people who face a lot of struggles, losses in business, failed marriages, failure in career and other problems. So, if you are facing any particular problems in your life and they are consistent, nothing is improving from a long time; then consult a numerologist Dr. J C Chaudhry for Name Correction.


How to Change Name in Numerology?

Name change Numerology doesn’t mean; you need to change your name completely. Spelling Correction in Name are done to make your Name compatible with date of birth. Only a few alphabets are either added or removed in the Name.

* For example, if the name of a person is Ayushman, and it is not compatible with his date of birth, the name as per compatibility can be Aayushman or Ayushmaan, etc.

Name Correction Numerology Consultation

Facing problems in life? It could be due to your name. Get your name spellings checked by Dr. J C Chaudhry to find whether the name is lucky for you or not. If not, name correction numerology can help you.

How your new Name can bring success for you? 

Only changing your name is not enough. Once a Numerologist read all your numbers and suggests a new name; the next is you need to follow and apply a few things to make the new name impactful in your life.

  • The name with new spelling to be written 25000-30000 times on a register for 2-3 months and observe the vibrations.
  • This new name will be your identity now, so try adding your new name on all important documents.
  • Get your visiting cards designed in your new name.
  • Change your name’s spelling with new name on all your social media channels.
  • Change the new name spelling on your house’s name plate.
  • In short, the most you can update with the new name, the more you will be benefited and will see the good results very soon.

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