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Numerology group conultation

Numerology Group Consultation

Numerology Consultation for Corporates | Universities | Organization

Numerology is a predictive science that shows you a path on how you should move forward for a better career, business, marriage, or personal growth.

Face-to-Face and Online Consultation are two of the popular Numerology consulting services offered by Mr. J C Chaudhry. In addition to this, now corporates, organizations and universities can also arrange numerology consultations for their employees/staff in small groups.

In this, Mr. JC Chaudhry will give a numerology talk collectively to a group of people. The group could be employees, university staff, or students. At the end of the lecture, he will take a doubt clearing session per couple or person. The time duration of each group session and doubt clearing session differs depending on the size of the group.

A. Charges for Lecture for 5-8 couples (10-16 persons). Know More

B. Charges for Lecture for 9-15 couples (18-30 persons). Know More

C. Lecture at University or at any organized body. Know More

(For further clarifications, please call at +91 9650797652
or email at support@jcchaudhry.com)

Numerology for Couples and Groups