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Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 2

If Number 2 is missing from a person’s Lo Shu Grid chart, the person will lack feminine, gentle qualities and essential characteristics of Number 2.

Remedies for Missing Number 2 - Lo Shu Grid Numerology

Number 2 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 2 represents the earth element. It is the gentle number among all the numbers. People who have Number 2 in their Lo-Shu Grid chart are caring and have a subtle personality. If this number is missing from your chart, you can face relationship problems.


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Missing Number 2 in Lo Shu Grid

Missing Numbers in Lo Shu Grid affect a person’s life.

  • People who do not have Number 2 in their Lo Shu Grid suffer from relationship problems. They can face delays in marriage.
  • If Lo Shu Grid is Missing Number 2, the person will not have self-confidence.
  • Lo Shu Grid Missing Number 2 makes a person impatient, unpunctual and stubborn.
  • They make many mistakes by ignoring the still, small, quiet voice within them.
  • They try to justify their action rather than admitting if they have made any mistake.

Missing Number 2 Remedies

You cannot completely remove the negative effect of Missing Number 2 in Lo Shu Grid. But there are Missing Number Remedies that if you follow will help lower the impact of Missing Number 2.

  • Moon signifies Earth Element. If Number 2 is Missing from Lo Shu Grid it means the element Earth is not present. So, hang pictures of Mountains without any lake, sea, river in the South West corner of the home.
  • Donate white coloured items like sugar, rice, white clothes to the beggar to cure the effects of Missing Number 2.
  • Keep Earthen pot in the Southwest corner of the house.

Lo shu grid Numerology Consultation

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Lo Shu Grid Repeat Number 2

Repetition of the Number 2 in Lo Shu Grid will have both positive and negative effects. Number 2 can repeat once, twice, thrice, or more in the birth chart. Based upon the number of occurrences, it affects the person’s life.

  • If Number 2 occurs twice in Lo Shu Grid, the person will have high intellect. Because of one’s strong intellect and intuition, they make correct judgements. They will have a bright and bold personality.
  • If Number 2 occurs thrice in Lo Shu Grid, the person is overly intuitive and imaginative. It makes the person highly sensitive and moody as well.
  • If Number 2 occurs four or more times in Lo Shu Grid, the person has more negative qualities than positives such as they become angry and impatient on small issues and do not like to socialize with others.

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